Cherry Red Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. गहरा लाल (p. gahara lal )
  1. 2. रक्तिम (p. raktim )
  1. 3. गहरा लाल (p. gahara lal )
  2. 4. रक्तिम (p. raktim )


  1. 1. चमकीला लाल रंग (p. chamakila lal ranag )
  1. 2. लोहित (p. lohit )
  1. 3. बदरीरक्त (p. badarirakt )
  1. 4. चमकीला लाल रंग (p. chamakila lal ranag )
  2. 5. लोहित (p. lohit )
  3. 6. बदरीरक्त (p. badarirakt )

Cherry Red Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. A red the color of ripe cherries

Cherry Red Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "A small cup of the deceivingly cheerful cherry-red syrup"
- Galaxy Craze, The Last Princess

2. "The real Julian Wells didn't die in a cherry-red convertible, overdosing on a highway in Joshua Tree while a choir soared over the sound track."
- Bret Easton Ellis, Imperial Bedrooms

3. "number-one girl, Cherry."
- Cathy Cassidy, Chocolate Box Girls: Cherry Crush

5. "Her friends' lips were red, their teeth white, and their tongues and gums were pink. Pink, too, were the tips of their breasts. Their eyes were aquamarine blue, cherry-black, hazel and maroon."
- Italo Calvino, Cosmicomics

6. "The crew gathered for a hurried meeting on the foredeck – mostly because Percy was keeping an eye on a giant red sea serpent swimming off the port side. ‘That thing is really red,’ Percy muttered. ‘I wonder if it’s cherry-flavoured.’ ‘Why don’t you swim over and find out?’ Annabeth asked. ‘How about no."
- Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus

7. "You turned red all over, Finn," Aiden said helpfully. "So did Teagan. As red as Kool-Aid." The back of Finn's neck went from pink lemonade to Blastin' Berry Cherry. "Yeah," Aiden said. "Like that." "I don't want to talk about it," Finn said."
- Kersten Hamilton, Tyger Tyger

8. "That Cherry Bounce must be good stuff."
- Diana Gabaldon, A Breath of Snow and Ashes

9. "The sticky buds of the weeping cherry"
- Erica Jong, Love Comes First

10. "Cherry blossoms – lights of years past."
- Bashō Matsuo, Lips too Chilled

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