hard hitting meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. आलोचनात्मक (p. Alochanatmak )
  1. 2. ओजपूर्ण (p. ojapurN )
  1. 3. आलोचनात्मक (p. Alochanatmak )
  2. 4. ओजपूर्ण (p. ojapurN )


  1. 1. कटु (p. kaTu )

hard hitting Sentences from popular quotes and Books

1. "he saw in Populism the first glimmerings of some of the great intellectual upheavals of the twentieth century—naturalism, muckraking, and hard-hitting social satire—which would eventually topple the genteel tradition of the nineteenth century. In a peculiar way, Parrington seemed to think, Kansas was one of the birthplaces of literary modernism."
- Thomas Frank, What's the Matter With Kansas?: How Conservatives Won the Heart of America

2. "I moved in distance and as the fight unfolded, I landed a big, destructive, hard-hitting right hand (The Muckspreader) smack on the button and he collapsed in a (muck) heap on the deck, out for the count. His mates looked at me and never said a word. The big fella was asleep and wasn’t moving… I had flattened him."
- Stephen Richards, Born to Fight: The True Story of Richy Crazy Horse Horsley

3. "He was different from every other man she knew. He was capable of loving; he was at once a laughing daredevil and a hard-hitting businessman. But most of all, he needed her. Other patients had needed her, but only as a therapist. Blake needed her, the woman she was, because only her personal strengths had enabled her to help him with her trained skills and knowledge. She couldn’t remember anyone ever needing her before."
- Linda Howard, Come Lie with Me

4. "How old are you, Billie? Thirty-three. With such innocent eyes for a cutthroat Illicit reporter. She studied his expression, found it sincere. Despite rumors to the contrary, not all of us fit the hard-hitting mold. I see that. He reached up and brushed an errant strand of hair from her cheek, a tender gesture that caught her completely off-guard. And I like it."
- Shelby Reed, The Fifth Favor

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