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Aamboli is free Hindi to English Translation Tool. AamBoli is also an online bi-lingual dictionary (Shabdkosh) that contains meanings for a large number of English and Hindi words. The meanings are present in the same language (English to English, Hindi to Hindi) and also translated in the other language viz. English to Hindi and Hindi to English. AamBoli also contains exhaustive examples of all important English words. We at AamBoli would like to help you strengthen your vocabulary. AamBoli is also a Thesaurus. It consists of similar and opposite words (synonyms and antonyms) for all important words. AamBoli is unique as a Thesaurus as it provides words that are similar, but are either wider or narrower in nature. AamBoli also informs what domain a particular word belongs to.

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fast food


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"That afternoon eight men met at the counter inside the Mother’s Rest dry goods store. The store owner was already there, with his two shirts and his unkempt hair, and the first to join him was the spare-parts guy from the irrigation store, who was followed by the Cadillac driver, and the one-eyed clerk from the motel, and the hog farmer, and the counterman from the diner, and the Moynahan who had gotten kicked in the balls and had his gun taken. The eighth man at the meeting came in five minutes later. He was a solid guy, red in the face, fresh from a shower, wearing ironed blue jeans and a dress shirt. He was older than Moynahan and the spare-parts guy and the Cadillac driver, and younger than the motel clerk and the store owner, and about the same age as the hog farmer and the counterman. He had blow-dried hair like a news anchor on TV. The other seven guys stiffened and straightened as he walked in, and fell silent, and waited for him to speak first. He got straight to the point. He said, Are they coming back? No one answered. Seven blank looks. The eighth guy said, Give me both sides of the argument. There was some silence and squirming and shuffling, and then the spare-parts guy said, They won’t come back because we did our jobs. They got nothing here. No evidence, no witnesses. Why would they come back to a dry hole? The Cadillac driver said, They will come back because this was Keever’s last known location. They’ll come back as many times as it takes. Where else can they start over, when they’re getting nowhere? The eighth guy said, Are we sure they got nothing here? The counterman said, No one talked to them. Not a word. The store owner said, They only used the pay phone once. They tried three numbers, and got no reply from any of them, and then they went away again. That’s not what people do, with red-hot information. So the consensus is they learned nothing? The what? What you all think. The Cadillac driver said, What we all think is they learned less than nothing. They finished up in my store, chasing some non-existent guy named Maloney. They were nowhere. But they’ll still come back. They know Keever was here. So they did learn something. The store went quiet." - Lee Child


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E.R. Frank


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The Last Word: A Novel by Hanif Kureishi


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