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Aamboli is free Hindi to English Translation Tool. AamBoli is also an online bi-lingual dictionary (Shabdkosh) that contains meanings for a large number of English and Hindi words. The meanings are present in the same language (English to English, Hindi to Hindi) and also translated in the other language viz. English to Hindi and Hindi to English. AamBoli also contains exhaustive examples of all important English words. We at AamBoli would like to help you strengthen your vocabulary. AamBoli is also a Thesaurus. It consists of similar and opposite words (synonyms and antonyms) for all important words. AamBoli is unique as a Thesaurus as it provides words that are similar, but are either wider or narrower in nature. AamBoli also informs what domain a particular word belongs to.

Word of the Day

English Word

spinal accessory


Hindi Word

छोटा मोट्टा

Quote of the Day

English Quote

"فلما أمضينا في الجيش عشرة أسابيع للتدريب اكتسبنا في هذه المدة ما لم نكتسبه بدراسة عشر سنوات في المدارس .. وعرفنا أن زرا لامعا هو أقوم من أربعة مجلدات من فلسفة شوبنهور .. وفهمنا أن ما يهم ليس هو العقل ، بل طلاء الحذاء .. وليس الذكاء ، بل النظام .. وليست الحرية ، بل التدريب العسكري .. وصحيح أننا دهشنا أولا ، بل شعرنا بمرارة. لكن انتهى بنا الأمر إلى الاستسلام وعدم المبالاة." - Erich Maria Remarque


Author of the Day

Carlo Carretto


Book of the Day

Untimely Meditations by Friedrich Nietzsche


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