(int.) Well Done ! Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. धन्य (p. dhanya )

(int.) Well Done ! Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "What is once well done is done forever."
- Quote by Henry David Thoreau

2. "What is done in love is done well."
- Quote by Vincent Van Gogh

3. "What is done in love Is done well."
- Quote by Vincent Van Gogh

4. "If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly."
- Quote by William Shakespeare

5. "// ptrnote.cpp // array accessed with pointer notation #include using namespace std; int main()    {                                       //array    int intarray[5] = { 31, 54, 77, 52, 93 };    for(int j=0; j<5; j++)                  //for each element,       cout << *(intarray+j) << endl;       //print value    return 0;    }"
- Robert Lafore, Object-Oriented Programming in C++

6. "And so I step up, int the darkness within; or else the light."
- Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale

7. "I have forgotten my mask, and my face was int it."
- Kenneth Patchen, The Journal of Albion Moonlight

8. "The change was made in me; the thing was done. Well or ill done, excusably or inexcusably, it was done."
- Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

9. "The reward for work well-done is more work."
- Jim Butcher, Small Favor

10. "Literature, well done, illustrates the reality of human nature."
- Chandler Burr, You or Someone Like You

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