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  1. 1. An isle and county of southern England in the English Channel

Isle Of Wight Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "the Isle of Wight, with occasional visits to"
- Mary S. Lovell, The Churchills: In Love and War

2. "In January 1995 three prisoners, two category ‘A’ prisoners and a lifer escaped from Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight. After four days of freedom they were recaptured. My length of freedom far surpassed theirs."
- Stephen Richards, Psycho Stephen

3. "I know people have swum the 3.5 mile stretch of the Solent from the Isle of Wight to the mainland for charity, and some just for the hell of it in the Cross Solent Swim, but this was at night, in the dark and without the help of a nearby boat to haul me in to safety. I didn’t have the benefit of tidal maps, accompanied swimming mates in near perfect conditions or the likes. I only my strength of determination and the beckoning lights on the mainland to aim for."
- Stephen Richards, Psycho Stephen

4. "So we went to the high-level platform, and saw the engine-driver, and asked him if he was going to Kingston.  He said he couldn’t say for certain of course, but that he rather thought he was.  Anyhow, if he wasn’t the 11.5 for Kingston, he said he was pretty confident he was the 9.32 for Virginia Water, or the 10 a.m. express for the Isle of Wight, or somewhere in that direction, and we should all know when we got there.  We slipped half-a-crown into his hand, and begged him to be the 11.5 for Kingston."
- Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat

5. "Wery weeny wight, plead for Morandmor! Notre Dame de la Ville, mercy of thy balmheartzyheat!"
- James Joyce, Finnegans Wake & Exiles

6. "The far more dependable Bede, writing from the monastery at Jarrow, completed his Ecclesiastical History of the English People in 731. It is thanks to him that we are able to differentiate between the three tribes of ‘barbarians’, namely Saxons, Angles and Jutes. According to Bede, Jutes from the Jutland peninsula of northern Denmark occupied Kent and the Isle of Wight, while Saxons from Saxony in north-west Germany settled in southern England. They eventually differentiated into the East Saxons, in Essex, the Mid-Saxons farther west (and remembered in the now vanished county of Middlesex) and the West Saxons of Wessex, which was much later divided into Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. The Angles, originally located in Angeln in southern Denmark, between Saxony and Jutland, took over East Anglia, as well as the Midlands, which became Mercia, and Northumbria in the north-east."
- Bryan Sykes, Saxons

7. "It wasn’t until the final years of her life that Neville and Patsie became almost reunited. Neville now lived a few hundred yards from the house that I grew up in as a teenager on the Isle of Wight, and Patsie in her old age would spend long summers living with us there as well. The two of them would take walks together and sit on the bench overlooking the sea. But Neville always struggled to let her in close again, despite her warmth and tenderness to him. Neville had held fifty years of pain after losing her, and such pain is hard to ignore. As a young man I would often watch her slip her fingers into his giant hand, and it was beautiful to see. I learned two very strong lessons from them: the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere, and true love is worth fighting for."
- Bear Grylls, Mud

8. "Life is an isle of sorrow, you live today and die tomorrow!"
- Tove Jansson, Sculptor's Daughter

9. "I still think of myself as a broken place, a drifting isle with no home. —Quebrado"
- Margarita Engle, Hurricane Dancers: The First Caribbean Pirate Shipwreck

10. "There was a young lady of Wight Who travelled much faster than light She departed one day In a relative way And arrived on the previous night"
- Stephen Hawking, Uma breve história do tempo

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