A (plastic) Toy Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. बबुआ (p. babuA )

A (plastic) Toy Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Some stupid fairy tale charecter. Like a cheap plastic toy you'd get get by sending in the top of a lucky charms box plus $3.99 shipping and handling."
- Maryrose Wood, What I Wore to Save the World

2. "Was there anything quite so under-rated in this shallow, plastic, global-corporate, tall-skinny-late, kiddy-meal-and-free-toy, united-colours-of-fuck-you-too world, than a good old-fashioned, no-frills, retail blow-job?"
- Christopher Brookmyre, The Sacred Art of Stealing

3. "She toyed around with his smiles and emotions, till they actually turned plastic. And then, She changed the toy…"
- Quote by Douglas Self

4. "Never enter a toy shop after midnight."
- Keith Donohue, The Motion of Puppets

5. "And a plastic grocery bag containing a"
- Harry Bingham, Love Story

6. "And 'tis a pretty toy to be a poet."
- Christopher Marlowe, Tamburlaine the Great

7. "Reductionism is like a kid who argues that whatever does not fit into his toy box is not a toy."
- Nancy Pearcey, Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind

8. "He produced a black plastic box with a"
- Jack Higgins, Midnight Runner

9. "We’re putting everything in the ocean on a plastic diet."
- Edward Humes, Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash

10. "Plastic people flashing fake smiles at a pretend world."
- Steven James, The Pawn

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