A Bayonet Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. किरच (p. kiraca )

A Bayonet Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "As the last stage of their training, we made them bayonet a living human,"
- James D. Bradley, Flyboys: A True Story of Courage

2. "Push out a bayonet. If it strikes fat, push deeper. If it strikes iron, pull back for another day."
- Robert Harris, Archangel

3. "She was as faithful as a morning mist, as hard as a sword-bayonet, and that, he thought, made her a suitable reward for a soldier."
- Quote by Bernard Cornwell

4. "You can't drive a bayonet through a chap's body in cold blood," he remembered him saying. "And you can't go in for an exam. without drinking," said Edward."
- Virginia Woolf, The Years

5. "I need just be a bayonet, a bayonet named Diving Punishment. I wish I'd been born a storm. Or a menace. Or a single grenade. No heart, no tears, just as a terrible gale'd have been good. If [by doing this] I become that, then so be it."
- Quote by Kohta Hirano

6. "I dreamed kind Jesus fouled the big-gun gears; and caused a permanent stoppage in all bolts; and buckled with a smile Mausers and Colts; and rusted every bayonet with His tears."
- Wilfred Owen, The Poems Of Wilfred Owen

7. "mercy and justice are deadlier than any rifle or bayonet."
- David Weber, Like a Mighty Army

8. "Marriage My husband likes to watch the cooking shows, the building shows, the Discovery Channel, and the surgery channel. Last night he told us about a man who came into the emergency room with a bayonet stuck entirely through his skull and brain. Did they get it out? We all asked. They did. And the man was ok because the blade went exactly between the two halves without severing them. And who had shoved this bayonet into the man’s head? His wife. A strong woman, someone said. And everyone else agreed."
- Marie Howe, The Kingdom of Ordinary Time: Poems

9. "At school nobody ever taught us how to light a cigarette in a storm of rain, nor how a fire could be made with wet wood-nor that it is best to stick a bayonet in the belly because there it doesn't get jammed, as it does in the ribs."
- Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front

10. "Nobody taught us at school how to light a cigarette in a rainstorm, or how it is still possible to make a fire even with soaking wet wood – or that the best place to stick a bayonet is into the belly, because it can’t get jammed in there, the way it can in the ribs."
- Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front

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