A Bolt From The Blue Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. अनभ्र वज्रपात (p. anabhra vajrapAta )


  1. 1. वज्रपात (p. vajrapat )
  2. 2. अचंभा (p. acaMbhA )

A Bolt From The Blue Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "A bolt from the blue."
- Quote by Lemony Snicket

2. "We cannot foresee when a bolt from the blue will put an end to the best-laid plans of mice and men."
- Ruskin Bond, Landour Days: A Writer's Journal

3. "There is no moral to the story, any more than there is a moral to life. We cannot foresee when a bolt from the blue will put an end to the best-laid plans of mice and men."

4. "Slow, tick decides. Thinks happen slow. she isn't quite sure why this understanding of the world's movement should be important, but she thinks it is. ...Take her parents- At the time, their separation had seemed a bolt from the blue, though she now realizes it had been a slow process, rooted in dissatisfaction and need....Mybe"
- Richard Russo, Empire Falls

5. "A bolt from the blue. I have sometimes read of an unexpected event described in this way, and now I know exactly what is meant by the phrase. A blue sky, a sunny, mild day. The usual list of worries and troubles runs through one's mind, but nothing that cannot be overcome, nothing that will not reach a satisfactory conclusion eventually, if not today, why then, tomorrow. An ordinary day, in fact. And then lightning strikes from out of that innocent blue sky and all that remains is the smoking ruins of one's every hope and every dream."
- Patrice Kindl, Keeping the Castle

6. "The day was a long bolt of gray cloth; endless."
- Peter Straub, Ghost Story

7. "Finding the book was like kissing a lightning bolt."
- Quote by Karen Miller

8. "Salvation is a word for the divine spaciousness that comes to human beings in all the tight places where their lives are at risk, regardless of how they got there or whether they know God's name. Sometimes it comes as an extended human hand and sometimes as a bolt from the blue, but either way it opens a door in what looked for all the world like a wall. This is the way of life, and God alone knows how it works."
- Barbara Brown Taylor, Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith

9. "It all amounted to the old British butcher-and-bolt tactic, done from the air."
- Daniel P. Bolger, Why We Lost: A General's Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

10. "In the darkest hour of winter, when the starlings had all flown away, Gretel Samuelson fell in love. It happened the way things are never supposed to happen in real life, like a sledgehammer, like a bolt from out of the blue. One minute she was a seventeen year-old senior in high school waiting for a Sicilian pizza to go; the next one she was someone whose whole world had exploded, leaving her adrift in the Milky Way, so far from earth she was walking on stars."
- Alice Hoffman, Local Girls

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