A Cook Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. बावरची (p. bAvaracI )
  2. 2. महा (p. mahA )
  3. 3. महाराज (p. mahArAja )
  4. 4. रसोइया (p. rasoiyA )
  5. 5. रसोईदार (p. rasoIdAra )
  6. 6. सूपकार (p. sUpakAra )

A Cook Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "by the cook, with a list of"
- Diana Gabaldon, Dragonfly in Amber

2. "a pot a cook but the food na kno"
- Quote by Bob Marley

3. "She'd cook like an angel and fuck like a whore"
- Val McDermid, Cross and Burn

4. "I am a miserable cook but an extremely talented eater."
- Quote by Amy Tan

5. "An unhappily married woman is necessarily a bad cook."
- Ann-Marie MacDonald, Fall on Your Knees

6. "Good french cooking cannot be produced by a zombie cook."
- Julia Child, My Life in France

7. "I’m a decent cook. I’m an outstanding eater."
- Steven Brust, Dzur

8. "All salt and no finesse makes Jack a dull cook."
- Quote by Robert Farrar Capon

9. "There is one thing more exasperating than a spouse who can cook & won't; that's one who can't cook & WILL"
- Quote by Robert Frost

10. "There is one thing more exasperating than a wife who can cook and won't, and that's a wife who can't cook and will."
- Quote by Robert Frost

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