A Council Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. परिष (p. pariSa )
  2. 2. परिषद् (p. pariSad )

A Council Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

2. "one of the council, a dour-looking man with a"
- Peter Darman, The Sword Brothers

3. "The Sadducees are Hellenized Judeans and dominate the Council. The Pharisees are a minority on the Council, and consider the Sadducees to be their, well— Their enemy."
- Janette Oke, The Hidden Flame

4. "Vampyre High Council. Wasn’t clueing them in to that a little more important"
- P.C. Cast, Tempted

5. "The only purpose a Council serves is to make you all feel important."
- Bernard Cornwell, Enemy of God: A Novel of Arthur

6. "Council of Nicea had"
- Jeff Lindsay, Dexter's Final Cut

7. "Fairy godmothers? said the king dubiously. We’ll have a time getting that past the court council — and the bishop."
- Robin McKinley, Spindle's End

8. "Nations should be governed by a council of learned men who must answer to the people for their actions."
- Isabel Allende, Zorro

9. "After leaving the Arts Council in 2009, he pointed out that, in the official portraits of past Council chairmen, John Maynard Keynes was the only one smiling. That was because Keynes died before ever having to chair a Council meeting.25"
- Robert Hewison, Cultural Capital: The Rise and Fall of Creative Britain

10. "But for what reason? Council,"
- David Baldacci, The Finisher

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