A Flame To Burst Suddenly Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. शोला भड़कना (p. zolA bhaड़kanA )

A Flame To Burst Suddenly Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "It was only when the giant got halfway down the incline that he suddenly, happily, burst into flame and continued his trip saying, "NO SURVIVORS, NO SURVIVORS!" in a manner that could only indicate deadly sincerity. It was seeing him happily burning and advancing that startled the Brute Squad to screaming. And once that happened, why, everybody panicked and ran..."
- William Goldman, The Princess Bride

2. "When sodium, an unstable metal that can suddenly burst into flame, reacts with a deadly poisonous gas known as chlorine, it becomes the staple food sodium chloride, NaCl, from the only family of rocks eaten by humans."
- Mark Kurlansky, Salt: A World History

3. "To be of use in even a single burst of flame and sound is worth more than a lifetime of achieving nothing."
- Brandon Sanderson, The Alloy of Law

4. "this was Irene’s arrival in Cambodia, her entire being narrowed to a single pinpoint of expectation as the pinnacles atop the towers sparked and burst into flame."
- Kim Fay, The Map of Lost Memories

5. "the walls of the cabin burst outwards in a sheet of flame. Logs were thrown high into the sky, spinning end over end before they crashed back down to earth"
- Robert Davis, A Desire For Damnation

6. "Moth to a flame I follow."
- Karen Marie Moning, Shadowfever

7. "I am a little man and this is a little town, but there must be a spark in little men that can burst into flame."
- John Steinbeck, The Moon Is Down

8. "I am come,' the Demon said simply, in a droning monotone. 'I am with the dead of the lake. Come to me.' Then the appearance of the skull-face vanished and the blood burst into a shroud of flame, spreading through the throne room in a storm of brilliant red and yellow. The screams could be heard half a league away."
- Ian Livingstone, Firestorm

9. "(Fuck)! Jim cried, and certainly it felt like a generative word. It felt like he was using it correctly for the first time, like saying Jesus! when you saw Him in a piece of blackened toast, or Oh my God! when a bush in your backyard happened spontaneously to burst into flame."
- Chris Adrian, The New World

10. "I'll tell you what I really think about politicians. The other night I watched some politicians on television talking about Vietnam. I wanted very much to burst through the screen with a flame thrower and burn their eyes out and their balls off and then inquire from them how they would assess the action from a political point of view."
- Quote by Harold Pinter

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