A Hindu: Priest Helping Devout Pilgrims In The Performance Of Religious Rites On Holy River Banks Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. पंडा (p. paMDA )

A Hindu: Priest Helping Devout Pilgrims In The Performance Of Religious Rites On Holy River Banks Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Unlike other religions in the world the Hindu religion does not claim any one prophet; it does not worship any one god; it does not subscribe to any one dogma; it does not believe in any one philosophic concept; it does not follow any one set of religious rites or performances; in fact, it does not appear to satisfy the narrow traditional features of any religion or creed. It may broadly be described as a way of life and nothing more."
- Deepak Chopra, Brotherhood: Dharma

2. "From under the portal of the Holy of Holies in the Third Temple, a trickle of sweet water will flow through the Temple Courtyard and out to the countryside. The trickle will become a stream, and the stream will become a great river on whose banks trees will grow that produce new fruit every month. The leaves of these trees will heal every wound and sickness.17 The river will transform the Land of Israel into the Garden of Eden."
- Chaim Clorfene, The Messianic Temple

3. "The Taj Mahal rises above the banks of the river like a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time."
- Quote by Rabindranath Tagore

4. "Part of Sykes's motive was rooted in religiosity. A devout Catholic, he regarded a return of the ancient tribe of Israel to the Holy Land as a way to correct a nearly two-thousand-year-old wrong. That view had taken on new passion and urgency with the massacres of the Armenians. To Sykes, in that ongoing atrocity, the Ottoman Empire had proven it could never again be trusted to protect its religious minority populations. At war's end, the Christian and Jewish Holy Land of Palestine would be taken from it, and the failure of the Crusades made right."
- Scott Anderson, Lawrence in Arabia: War

5. "We can move to legalize same-gender civil marriage without harming any religious institution or dictating any change to the beliefs and practices of any faith. Religious opposition to civil marriage for same-gender couples irrelevant to the civil, public debate. You're opposed to gay marriage on religious grounds? Fine! Don't authorize your clergy to act as an agent of the State in any such unions. But don't deprive the rest of, who believe that such rites are good and holy, of our constitutional rights to practice our own freedom of religion. We don't live in a theocracy where some one understanding of religion and faith dictates what the State will and will not do. This religious argument against the right to marry for gay and lesbian couples is simply bogus. And unconstitutional. Religious belief should have no bearing whatsoever on the legal right to marry."
- Gene Robinson, God Believes in Love: Straight Talk About Gay Marriage

6. "Life is like a river flowing between the two banks of pain and suffering. Everything runs perfectly when we stay in the river, but we insist on grasping at pain and suffering as we pass them, as if the banks offer us safety and shelter."
- Deepak Chopra, Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life's Greatest Challenges

7. "Then, in January 1961, a religious riot broke out in the central Indian city of Jabalpur. A Hindu girl had committed suicide; it was alleged that she took her life because she had been assaulted by two Muslim men. The claim was given lurid publicity by a local Jana Sangh newspaper, whereupon Hindu students went on a rampage through the town, attacking Muslim homes and burning shops. In retaliation a Muslim group torched a Hindu neighbourhood. The rioting continued for days, spreading also to the countryside. It was the most serious such incident since Partition, its main sufferers being poor Muslims, mostly weavers and bidi (cigarette) workers.52"
- Ramachandra Guha, India After Gandhi: The History of the World's Largest Democracy

8. "I’m not a priest, Cletus stood up, indignant. I follow no Pope. I am a Reverend in the Universal Life Church. We don’t perform last rites. Jasper snorted. Universal Life my ass. You are a Reverend in the church of send in your ten dollars and a coupon. Amounts to the same, in the eyes of the Lord, Cletus replied with a wink. Folks don’t really mind who saves them, as long as they can go on sinning until their cards are punched."
- David Niall Wilson, The DeChance Chronicles Volumes 1-4: Books I - IV

9. "As for religious worship, there is no shortage of evidence for what may be religious imagery on the Indus seals, in addition to certain objects, such as thepriest-king’ statuette, numerous female figurines and a few phallic objects, which together imply the existence of deities and religious practices. But there are no buildings clearly dedicated to worship –"
- Andrew Robinson, The Indus: Lost Civilizations

10. "In the Gospels, Jesus repeatedly challenges the religious authorities of the day, but ultimately what he’s saying is relevant to all forms of religion. It wouldn’t matter if he grew up a Jew, or a Christian, or a Buddhist, or a Hindu, because he’s speaking about the structure of religion itself—its hierarchy, its tendency to become corrupted by human beings’ desires for power, for influence, for money. Jesus, I think, had a profound understanding that the religion itself, instead of connecting us to the radiance of being, connecting us to that spiritual mystery, could easily become a barrier to divinity. As soon as we get too caught up with the rites and the rituals and the Thou shalts and Thou shalt nots of conventional religion, we begin to lose sight of the primary task of religion, which is to orient us toward the mystery of being and awaken us to what we really are. Of course,"
- Adyashanti, Resurrecting Jesus: Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic

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