A Magistrate Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. दंडनायक (p. daMDanAyaka )
  2. 2. दंडाधिकारी (p. daMDAdhikArI )
  3. 3. मजिस्ट्रे (p. majisTre )
  4. 4. मजिस्ट्रेट (p. majisTreTa )

A Magistrate Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

- Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist

2. "Magistrate: What do you propose to do then, pray? Lysistrata: You ask me that! Why, we propose to administer the treasury ourselves Magistrate: You do? Lysistrata: What is there in that a surprise to you? Do we not administer the budget of household expenses? Magistrate: But that is not the same thing. Lysistrata: How so – not the same thing? Magistrate: It is the treasury supplies the expenses of the War. Lysistrata: That's our first principle – no War!"
- Aristophanes, Lysistrata

3. "A hell, from which one can be saved by a quibble that would carry no weight with a police magistrate, cannot be taken very seriously."
- Aldous Huxley, The Devils of Loudun

4. "    'Dear me, dear me,' replied a testy voice, 'I am very sorry for it, but what am I to do? I can't build it up again. The chief magistrate of the city can't go and be a rebuilding of people's houses, my good sir. Stuff and nonsense!'     'But the chief magistrate of the city can prevent people's houses from having any need to be rebuilt, if the chief magistrate's a man, and not a dummy—can't he, my lord?' cried the old gentleman in a choleric manner."
- Charles Dickens, Barnaby Rudge

5. "You can’t marry her, Araminta insisted. Benedict turned to his mother. Is there any reason I need to consult Lady Penwood about this? None that I can think of, Lady Bridgerton replied. She is nothing but a whore, Araminta hissed. Her mother was a whore, and blood runs— urp! Benedict had her by the throat before anyone was even aware that he had moved. Don’t, he warned, make me hit you. The magistrate tapped Benedict on the shoulder. You really ought to let her go. Might I muzzle her? The magistrate looked torn, but eventually he shook his head."
- Julia Quinn, An Offer From a Gentleman

6. "Magistrate: May I die a thousand deaths ere I obey one who wears a veil! Lysistrata: If that's all that troubles you, here take my veil, wrap it round your head, and hold your tounge. Then take this basket; put on a girdle, card wool, munch beans. The War shall be women's business."
- Aristophanes, Lysistrata

7. "MAGISTRATE Don't men grow old? LYSISTRATA Not like women. When a man comes home Though he's grey as grief he can always get a girl. There's no second spring for a woman. None. She can't recall it, nobody wants her, however She squanders her time on the promise of oracles, It's no use..."
- Aristophanes, Lysistrata

8. "Before you are much older...you will have policemen here to stay. A magistrate will be next. Then perhaps even a jail. And the counterparts of those things are hunger and want, and misery and idleness. The night is coming. Watch and pray."
- Richard Llewellyn, How Green Was My Valley

9. "Of late years, however, since his children were growing up, he had begun to value respectability, and had had himself made a magistrate; a position for which he was admirably fitted, because of his strong conservatism and his contempt for "foreigners."
- Upton Sinclair, The Jungle

10. "But Turner was not without his peccadilloes: a magistrate, he considered it his civic duty to witness every prostitute he sentenced being flogged at Bridewell, moving one commentator to observe: ‘Oh, Bridewell! What a shame thy walls reproaches. Poor Molls are whipp’d, while rich ones ride in coaches!"
- Catharine Arnold, Bedlam: London and its Mad

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