An Agent Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. पेशकार (p. pezakAra )


  1. 1. अभिकर्ता (p. abhikartA )
  2. 2. एजेंट (p. ejeMTa )
  3. 3. कामदार (p. kAmadAra )
  4. 4. कारकुन (p. kArakuna )
  5. 5. कारिंदा (p. kAriMdA )
  6. 6. गुमाश्ता (p. gumAztA )
  7. 7. गुर्गा (p. gurgA )
  8. 8. दलाल (p. dalAla )
  9. 9. मुखतार (p. mukhatAra )

An Agent Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "I was an intelligence agent for the British government. Agent double-oh-seven? she asked lightly. No, he said in a grave tone, then leaned forward and whispered, Agent sixty-nine."
- Stephanie Bond, License to Thrill

2. "I'm an agent of Her Majesty's Secret Service. I do not do booby traps."
- Ally Carter, Out of Sight

3. "The double 0 numerals signify an agent who has killed and who is privileged to kill on active service."
- Ian Fleming, From Russia With Love

4. "The foremost of his therapeutic principles is that conscious realization is an important agent for transforming the personality. The"
- C.G. Jung, The Collected Works of C.G. Jung

5. "As a matter of selective necessity, man is an agent. He is, in his own apprehension, a centre of unfolding impulsive activity—teleological activity. He is an agent seeking in every act the accomplishment of some concrete, objective, impersonal end. By force of his being such an agent he is possessed of a taste for effective work, and a distaste for futile effort."
- Thorstein Veblen, The Theory of the Leisure Class/The Theory of Business Enterprise

6. "An affordance is a relationship between the properties of an object and the capabilities of the agent that determine just how the object could possibly be used."
- Donald A. Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

7. "An anarchist is like an undercover agent who plays the game of Reason in order to undercut the authority of Reason (Truth, Honesty, Justice and so on)."
- Paul Karl Feyerabend, Against Method: Outline of an Anarchistic Theory of Knowledge

- Charles Dickens, Dombey and Son

9. "A person is not an originating agent; he is a locus, a point at which many genetic and environmental conditions come together in a joint effect."
- Alfie Kohn, Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars

10. "How do you recruit an agent? The three Vs - vzyatochnichestvo, vymogatel'stvo, vera. It works just as well in English: bribery, blackmail, belief. pg 267"
- Quote by Simon Mawer

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