Arrived Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. आगत (p. Agata )
  2. 2. समागत (p. samAgata )

Arrived Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Jobs arrived"
- Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs

2. "Dimitri Belikov had arrived."
- Richelle Mead, Bloodlines

4. "Hello, Capustan. The Bridgeburners have arrived."
- Steven Erikson, Memories of Ice

5. "ship. The courier just arrived from Paidara."
- Michael Gruber, The Good Son

6. "For in hope's absence, a miracle arrived"
- Quote by Cameron Dokey

7. "For in hope's absence, a miracle arrived."
- Cameron Dokey, Beauty Sleep: A Retelling of Sleeping Beauty

8. "Move over, Wimpy Kid—RAFE K. has arrived!"
- James Patterson, Middle School: Get Me out of Here!

9. "The truth is not arrived at by majority vote."
- Ken Follett, Fall of Giants

10. "The temperature hit ninety degrees the day she arrived."
- Ian McEwan, Sweet Tooth

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