Backup Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. बैक अप बनाना (p. baik ap banana )
  2. 2. पीछे हटना (p. pichhe haTana )
  3. 3. समर्थन करना (p. samarthan karana )
  4. 4. पीछे ले जाना (p. pichhe le jana )

Backup Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. An accumulation caused by clogging or a stoppage

1. a traffic backup on the main street

2. he discovered a backup in the toilet


Backup Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Backup backpacks."
- Wendelin Van Draanen, Runaway

2. "Always have a backup plan to the backup plan."
- Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl

3. "You can never have too much backup."
- Terry Pratchett, The Long Mars

4. "It’s my job to run after her. Without backup? I am the backup."
- Quote by Ilona Andrews

5. "A lovable, cuddly bear. i didn't need a teddy bear for backup."
- Laurell K. Hamilton, The Laughing Corpse

6. "I will tell you, parenting is a team sport. You need backup, reserves."
- Lois McMaster Bujold, Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen (Vorkosigan Saga

7. "This was your fatal flaw–you always had a backup plan. You were never willing to risk everything."
- Quote by Don Lee

8. "Shapeshifter parenting motto—if your kid slits somebody's throat, always have a backup plan to make the body disappear."
- Ilona Andrews, Magic Slays

9. "I'm kind of a low-key guy. The spotlight doesn't suit me. I'm more of a side dish--cole slaw or French fries or a Wham! backup singer."
- Haruki Murakami, After Dark

10. "and that's the thing when your parents die, you feel like instead of going into every fight with backup, you are going into every fight alone."
- Mitch Albom, For One More Day

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More matches words for Backup

backup copy - पूर्तिकर प्रतिलिपि
backup file - पूर्तिकर संचिका
backup light - पीछे की बत्ती
backup memory - पूर्तिकर स्मूति
backup programmer - पूर्तिकर क्रमादेशक

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