Bali Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. बाली (p. bali )

Bali Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. An island in Indonesia to the east of Java; striking volcanic scenery; culture is known for elaborate dances and rituals and for handicrafts

Bali Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "In Bali, even mundane things are reminders of the sacred."
- Joan Borysenko, Inner Peace for Busy People: 52 Simple Strategies for Transforming Life

2. "Bhuta ia, dewa ia. (Bali expression meaning Man is a demon, man is a god.)"
- Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert

3. "Religious ceremonies are of paramount importance in Bali ( an island, don't forget, with seven unpredictable volcanoes on it-you would pray, too)."
- Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat

4. "¿Qué sucedería al crear una vida lo bastante expansiva como para poder sincronizar varios contrarios incongruentes en un esquema vital que no excluyera nada? Mi verdad era exactamente la que había contado al curandero de Bali... Es decir, quería experimentar ambas cosas. Quería los placeres mundanos y la trascendencia divina..., la gloria dual de una vida humana."
- Elizabeth Gilbert, Come

5. "A trance healer in Bali, an eagle woman, asked me, 'What is freedom, madam?' She had a chained eagle, her ally in healing, and it broke my heart, those huge, folded wings. So I asked her why the eagle couldn't fly free, why it was chained. And then her eagle eyes dug into mine, and she asked, 'What is freedom, madam?"
- Alma Luz Villanueva, Song of the Golden Scorpion

6. " who took birth that he might beg the universe back from Bali, king of the asuras (who reside in the southern celestial hemisphere). While Bali may represent some particular"
- Robert E. Svoboda, The Greatness of Saturn: A Therapeutic Myth

7. "southern star or constellation which once temporarily gained prominence in the sky, or may stand for some recurrent phenomenon, he most likely represented different ‘things’ on different occasions. Bali was guided by Venus, the guru of the asuras who, as we saw in The Greatness of Saturn, possesses the Sanjivani Vidya, which can revive the dead. Indeed, Venus is always dying (disappearing from view when it goes too close to the sun) and being reborn (reappearing after a predictable period of residence in the ‘underworld’). Asuras are known to be stronger at night, which they rule, but each dawn the potential chaos that night represents is dispelled by the sun, who reappears to separate the earth from the sky and to measure the world by rising in the east, appearing overhead at noon, and setting in the west. These may be the three great strides that the dwarf Vamana uses in The Begging of the Universe incident from the The Greatness of Saturn to subdue Bali and return him to the"
- Robert E. Svoboda, The Greatness of Saturn: A Therapeutic Myth

8. "Pole, his right foot to the (unseen) South Pole. leaving his third step to fall on the head of Bali (in this version, Orion). Here Vamana would have arrived at Bali’s sacrifice on the winter solstice, when the sun is a dwarf because he cannot stretch his feet (rays) all the way to the North Pole. The three steps could also apply to the system of reckoning which takes one human year to equal one day and night of the devas. When during this period the Sun moves from the vernal equinox to the autumnal equinox (during which time it appears above the celestial equator in the sky), it is day for the devas and night for the asuras, and when the Sun moves from the autumnal equinox to the vernal equinox (during which time it appears below the celestial equator in the sky), it becomes night tor the devas and day for the asuras. While the asuras rule during their day the devas are discomfited, but with the coming of the vernal equinox (sunrise on the day of the devas) the order of the universe"
- Robert E. Svoboda, The Greatness of Saturn: A Therapeutic Myth

9. "conquered heaven when the time was bad for the devas, who waited to reattack until the time became propitious for them. When the time was propitious for the devas, Bali advised his asuras to desist until time turned again in their favor. Though little solid evidence exists for any of these speculative interpretations of the story of Bali and Vamana, we can gain through them some of the mythic savor of the deva-asura struggle, a contest that is as eternal as the seasonal shifting of the stars in the sky. Above all this celestial competition reside the Seven Rishis, and above them sits the Pole Star, who is known as Dhruva (The Firm, Fixed One). Chapter 22 of the Brahmanda Purana explains how, presided over by Dhruva and inspired by the celestial air known as the Pravaha Vayu, the sun takes up water and the moon showers it down in a torrential current which flows through celestial conduits called nadis. The sun provides heat to the world, and the moon provides coolness. It is no"
- Robert E. Svoboda, The Greatness of Saturn: A Therapeutic Myth

10. "The Bird of Paradise, it seemed, had beckoned us on and led us in, to stand here in this place high in the land of volcanoes. It was here in Bali, after returning from the Toraja Star Children, that I first recognized what they meant by us all being born half of heaven and half of earth. And after the mounted warsports of Sumba it was in Balinese ritual that I saw with new eyes the battle for balance between light and darkness. And after Borneo, returning to the sacred Banyan tree and its simian custodians, I had felt that all great trees, what’s left of them, do indeed link heaven and earth in a single forest of life."
- Lawrence Blair, Ring of Fire: An Indonesia Odyssey

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