Barbary Ape Meaning in Hindi

Barbary Ape Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Tailless macaque of rocky cliffs and forests of northwestern Africa and Gibraltar

Barbary Ape Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "ROSALIND Now tell me how long you would have her after you have possessed her. ORLANDO Forever and a day. ROSALIND Say a day without the ever. No, no, Orlando, men are April when they woo, December when they wed. Maids are May when they are maids, but the sky changes when they are wives. I will be more jealous of thee than a Barbary cock- pigeon over his hen, more clamorous than a parrot against rain, more newfangled than an ape, more giddy in my desires than a monkey. I will weep for nothing, like Diana in the fountain, and I will do that when you are disposed to be merry. I will laugh like a hyena, and that when thou art inclined to sleep."
- William Shakespeare, As You Like It

2. "It is absurd to ape our betters."
- Aesop, Aesop's Fables

3. "Creative Endeavour lost her wings, Mrs Ape."
- Evelyn Waugh, Vile Bodies

4. "I'd rather be a rising ape than a falling angel."
- Quote by Terry Pratchett

5. "One can take the ape out of the jungle, but not the jungle out of the ape."
- Quote by Frans de Waal

6. "You can take the ape out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the ape."
- Quote by John Steiner

7. "Oh, there you are. I was afraid you had gone off to your stoats again. The carrier has brought you an ape.’ ‘What sort of an ape?’ asked Stephen. ‘A damned ill-conditioned sort of an ape."
- Patrick O'Brian, Post Captain

8. "Even now man is more of an ape than any of the apes."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

9. "What? A great man? I only ever see the ape of his own ideal."
- Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche

10. "...his monstrous dreams, peopled by ape-like creatures and by harlots with gleaming jewel eyes.."
- Quote by James Joyce

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macaque,  macaca sylvana,  

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