Benefit Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. फायदा (p. phayada )
  2. 2. लाभ उठाना (p. labh uThana )
  3. 3. हितकारी होना (p. hitakari hona )
  4. 4. फ़ायदा होना (p. phaayada hona )
  5. 5. लाभ पहुँचाना (p. labh pahuNachana )


  1. 1. भला करना (p. bhala karana )


  1. 1. लाभ (p. labh )
  2. 2. भत्ता (p. bhatta )
  3. 3. सुविधा (p. suvidha )
  4. 4. हित (p. hit )
  5. 5. लाभार्थ नाटक (p. labharth naTak )
  6. 6. फ़ायदा (p. phaayada )
  7. 7. गुण (p. guN )
  8. 8. फ़ाय (p. फ़Aya )
  9. 9. फ़ायदा (p. फ़AyadA )

Benefit Definitions and Meaning in English

Benefit Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

3. "understanding of how new tools will benefit"
- Colin Rule, Online Dispute Resolution For Business: B2B

4. "Taxes are not levied for the benefit of the taxed."
- Quote by Robert A. Heinlein

5. "Anybody's marriage might benefit from an occasional embargo on talk."
- Richard Yates, Cold Spring Harbour

7. "Only those who still have hope can benefit from tears."
- Nathanael West, The Day of the Locust

8. "If your spouse dies between 62 and FRA, the benefit will be based on their full retirement benefit. If they die later, the benefit will be based on whatever retirement benefit they were entitled to, including any Delayed Retirement Credits."
- Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Get What's Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security

9. "Avoid popularity it has many snares and no real benefit."
- Quote by William Penn

10. "Is it easy? Usually not. But you don't forgive people for their benefit. You do it for your benefit."
- Quote by Andrew Matthews

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lose,  break even,  

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