Blue Elder Meaning in Hindi

Blue Elder Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Shrub or small tree of western United States having white flowers and blue berries; fruit used in wines and jellies

Blue Elder Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "The elder Miss Larkin"
- Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

2. "There are many elder sons and elder daughters who are lost while still at home."
- Henri J.M. Nouwen, Return of the Prodigal Son

3. "Whenever an elder dies, a library burns down."
- Quote by Amadou Hampâté Bâ

4. "Blue peter."
- E.L. Konigsburg, Silent to the Bone

6. "but i know blue only blue lonely blue without you"
- Jonathan Larson, Rent

7. "The Empress Sabina had long ago formed her own theory about the nonsense in travel books. No traveler, having gone to the expense and trouble of venturing where most civilized people were too sensible to go, was going to come home and admit that it had been a waste of time. Instead, he had to pronounce his destination to be full of strange wonders, like the elk with no knees that could be caught by sabotaging the tree against which it leaned when it slept (Julius Caesar) or the men from India who could wrap themselves in their own ears (reported by the elder Pliny, who seemed to have written down everything he was ever told), or the blue-skinned Britons (Julius Caesar again). Strangely, no traveler had ever brought one of these creatures home for inspection. Doubtless they were impossible to capture, or died on the journey, or the blue came off in the wash."
- Ruth Downie, Semper Fidelis

8. "The sky blue blue, Mr. Wiggins."
- Ernest J. Gaines, A Lesson Before Dying

9. "The journey of the younger son cannot be separated from that of his elder brother."
- Henri J.M. Nouwen, Return of the Prodigal Son

10. "The Elder is called Dee, first-born, of the Yarbrough lineage, whose landname is VaWaco."
- Mary Doria Russell, The Sparrow

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sambucus caerulea,  blue elderberry,  elder,  elderberry bush,  

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