Bucket Seat Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. मुड़ने वाली अलग सीट (p. muDane vali alag siT )

Bucket Seat Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. A low single seat as in cars or planes

Bucket Seat Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Two tears in a bucket. Motherfuck it."
- John Berendt, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: A Savannah Story

2. "The past is a bucket of ashes"
- Carl Sandburg, Cornhuskers

3. "Another wonderful labyrinthine stimulation strategy for the toddler is swinging in a bucket-seat-type toddler swing. Mom or Dad should stand in front of, rather than behind, their child as they push, so they can incorporate smiles and tactile stimulation into the motion activity. The child can be hugged or even kissed each time she swings toward her parent. Most toddlers also enjoy pretending to be caught by their parent with each swing. Another version of swinging can be done by both parents together, with one behind and one in front."
- Mary Hopkins-Best, Toddler Adoption: The Weaver's Craft

4. "There's little to see, but things leave an impression. It's a matter of time and repetition. As something old wears thin or out, something new wears in. The handle on the pump, the crank on the churn, the dipper floating in the bucket, the latch on the screen, the door on the privy, the fender on the stove, the knees of the pants and the seat of the chair, the handle of the brush and the lid to the pot exist in time but outside taste; they wear in more than they wear out. It can't be helped. It's neither good nor bad. It's the nature of life."
- Quote by Wright Morris

5. "Two tears in a bucket; motherfuck it. I"
- Kresley Cole, The Player

6. "I tell you the past is a bucket of ashes."
- Carl Sandburg, Cornhuskers

7. "We’re just a drop in the bucket, and that’s meaningless. But we say, ‘No, wait a minute. If you have a bucket, those raindrops fill it up very fast. Being a drop in the bucket is magnificent.’ The problem is we cannot see the bucket. Our work is helping people see that there is a bucket. There are all these people all over the world who are creating this bucket of hope. And so our drops are incredibly significant."
- Quote by Frances Moore Lappé

8. "And if my choice is to sit graciously in my best robes and accept the inevitable or to bail a sea with a bucket, give me the bucket."
- Robin McKinley, Chalice

9. "In a population of hundreds of millions, such a small number of people is a mere drop in the bucket... but enough drops can make any bucket overflow"
- Neal Shusterman, UnDivided

10. "Everyone carries a bucket of water and a bucket of gas in life. A leader has learned to throw the right one at the right time."
- Orrin Woodward, LIFE

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