Chief Police Officer Of A Town Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. कोतवाल (p. kotaval )

Chief Police Officer Of A Town Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Scotland is divided into several police regions. Rebus works for Lothian and Borders Police, whose beat covers Edinburgh and most points south until you reach the English border. The region’s HQ is based at Fettes Avenue in Edinburgh, and is often referred to by officers as the Big House. Other main police stations in the capital include St. Leonard’s (where Rebus is normally based), Leith (the port of Edinburgh), Gayfield Square and West End. The officer in charge of this region is known as the chief constable. He is served, in decreasing order of rank, by a deputy chief constable (DCC), two assistant chief constables (ACCs), and various detective chief superintendents (DCSs),"
- Ian Rankin, Resurrection Men

2. "sight. This peculiar settlement reminded the police chief somewhat of a picture from the book The Town in the Snuffbox, of which little Felix had been very fond in his childhood,"
- Boris Akunin, Pelagia and the Black Monk

4. "Former police chief of Houston once said of me: Frank Abagnale could write a check on toilet paper, drawn on the Confederate States Treasury, sign it ‘U.R. Hooked’ and cash it at any bank in town, using a Hong Kong driver’s license for identification."
- Frank W. Abagnale, Catch Me If You Can: The True Story of a Real Fake

5. "superintendents, chief inspectors, inspectors, sergeants and constables. If an officer works for CID (Criminal Investigation Department), then he or she will carry the prefix D (for Detective). A DCI is a detective chief inspector, DI is a detective inspector, DS a detective sergeant, and DC a detective constable. Officers not assigned to CID would wear a uniform. (Rebus sometimes refers to these unfortunates as woolly suits.) Lowest in the pecking order are the PC (police constable) and WPC (woman police constable)."
- Ian Rankin, Resurrection Men

6. "In 2012, a police chief in Georgia was fired from his job, due to issues with some eviction notices he had served. The officer was living at a local apartment complex, and a coworker had asked him to serve a stack of eviction notices at the complex.   It's illegal for an officer to be involved with an eviction when they are an interested party in the papers they are serving. However, the amusing part is that he had checked the box on his own eviction, stating that he could not find his own address."
- Jeffrey Fisher, More Stupid Criminals: Funny and True Crime Stories

7. "Public convenience or dignity means nothing; police prerogatives assume the status of divine law. Submissiveness is demanded. If a police officer kills a civilian, it is a regrettable circumstance: the officer was possibly over-zealous. If a civilian kills a police officer all hell breaks loose. The police foam at the mouth. All other business comes to a standstill until the perpetrator of this most dastardly act is found out. Inevitably, when apprehended, he is beaten or otherwise tortured for his intolerable presumption … The police complain that they cannot function efficiently, that criminals escape them. Better a hundred unchecked criminals than the despotism of one unbridled police force."
- Jack Vance, Demon Princes

8. "In August 1997, Dalzell started his new job as Amazon’s chief information officer and became a key member of the J Team."
- Brad Stone, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

9. "If you’re not falling, you’re not really trying hard enough. JOE QUESADA Joe Quesada is an award-winning comics creator and the chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment, who served as editor-in chief of Marvel for over a decade."
- Brian Michael Bendis, Words for Pictures: The Art and Business of Writing Comics and Graphic Novels

10. "Many years ago Wallander had learned that one of the manifold virtues a police officer must possess is the ability to be patient with himself."
- Henning Mankell, An Event in Autumn: A Kurt Wallander Mystery

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