Clerk Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. पेशकार (p. pezakAra )


  1. 1. पेशकारी करना (p. peshakari karana )
  2. 2. पादरी का काम करना (p. padari ka kam karana )
  3. 3. क्लर्क का काम करना (p. klark ka kam karana )
  4. 4. मुंशी काम करना (p. munashi kam karana )


  1. 1. लिपिक (p. lipik )
  2. 2. लेखाकार (p. lekhakar )
  3. 3. अधिकारी (p. adhikari )
  4. 4. किरानी (p. kirani )
  5. 5. पेशकार (p. peshakar )
  6. 6. पादरी (p. padari )
  7. 7. विद्वान (p. vidvan )
  8. 8. क्लर्क (p. klark )
  9. 9. मुंशीगीरी (p. muMzIgIrI )
  10. 10. मुतसद्दी (p. mutasaddI )
  11. 11. मुहर्रि (p. muharri )
  12. 12. मुहर्रिर (p. muharrira )
  13. 13. लिपिकर (p. lipikara )

Clerk Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Work as a clerk, as in the legal business

Clerk Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

2. "heard a foreman berating a clerk for sending an order to Des Moines instead of Davenport before the clerk had gotten the shipping form from the front office."
- Stephen King, A Good Marriage

3. "in 1904 he applied for a promotion from patent clerk third class to patent clerk second class and was turned down."
- Leonard Mlodinow, The Upright Thinkers: The Human Journey from Living in Trees to Understanding the Cosmos

4. "For sondry scoles maken sotile clerkis; Womman of manye scoles half a clerk is."
- Geoffrey Chaucer, The Merchant's Prologue and Tale

6. "five seconds. At 9:30 a headquarters clerk scribbled in the"
- Rick Atkinson, An Army at Dawn: The War in Africa

7. "at the outer door to bestow the greetings of the season on the clerk, who, cold as he was, was warmer than Scrooge; for he returned them cordially. There’s another fellow, muttered Scrooge; who overheard him: my clerk, with fifteen"
- Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

8. "What’s improper about it? retorted the clerk. Everybody does it in Paris! It was an irresistible and conclusive argument."
- Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

9. "It is easier to rob by setting up a bank than by holding up a bank clerk."
- Quote by Bertolt Brecht

10. "Reader, I married him. A quiet wedding we had: he and I, the parson and clerk, were alone present."
- Quote by Jane Eyre

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