Colour-blind Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. वर्णांध (p. varNAMdha )

Colour-blind Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Unable to distinguish one or more chromatic colors

Colour-blind Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "If love was red then she was colour blind."
- Xavier Velasco, Diablo Guardián

2. "A trivial thing, for a teenage boy to be colour-blind, not uncommon or noteworthy, unless it simply, unalterably, thwarted everything."
- Stephen Gregory, The Waking That Kills

3. "You painted it pink?' Price asked with a grin. 'That’s lavender, you colour-blind eejit,' I said. McCallister saw that Price clearly hadn’t got the message yet. 'Hey lads, you know why Price nearly failed the police entrance exam? He thought a polygon was a dead parrot.' The lads chuckled dutifully and somebody punched Price on the shoulder."
- Adrian McKinty, The Cold Cold Ground

4. "Sabrina suggested they burn their orange monkey sweaters and blue heart covered pants but Daphne refused. Granny took Sabrina aside and apologised for the outfit, saying that Mr. Canis might not have been the right choice to shop for girls. After all, he was colour-blind."
- Michael Buckley, The Fairy-Tale Detectives

5. "Thomas was greatly interested in Sirius's accounts of his love affairs; about which, by the way, he showed no reticence. To the question, 'What is it that attracts you in her?' young Sirius could only reply, 'She smells so lovely.' Later in life he was able to say more. Some years later I myself discussed the matter with him, and he said, 'Of course it's mostly the luscious smell of her. I can't possibly make you understand the power of it, because you humans are so bad at smells. It's as though your noses were not merely feeble but colour-blind. But think of all that your poets have ever said about the delectable curves and colours of the beloved, and how her appearance seems to express a lovely spirit (often deceptively), and then imagine the whole thing done in terms of fragrance. Morwen's fragrance when she wants me is like the scent of the morning, with a maddening tang in it for which there are no words. It is the scent of a very gentle and fragrant spirit, but unfortunately the"
- Olaf Stapledon, Sirius: A Fantasy of Love and Discord

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