Copes Law Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. कोप नियम (p. kopaniyaa )

Copes Law Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "I have lived to see that being seventeen is no protection against becoming seventy, but to know this needs the experience of a lifetime, for no imagination copes with it."
- Lord Dunsany, The Curse Of The Wise Woman

2. "Zeroth Law..."
- Isaac Asimov, Robots and Empire

3. "Overslept and had to race to get a life to Jas’s with my dad. No time for yoga or makeup. Oh well, I’ll start tomorrow. God alone knows how the Dalai Lama copes on a daily basis. He must get up at dawn. Actually, I read somewhere that he does get up at dawn."
- Louise Rennison, Angus

4. "The degree to which a surviving parent copes is the most important indicator of the child's long-term adaptation. Kids whose surviving parents are unable to function effectively in the parenting role show more anxiety and depression, as well as sleep and health problems, than those whose parents have a strong support network and solid inner resources to rely on."
- Hope Edelman, Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss

5. "based on international law."
- Walter Isaacson, Kissinger: A Biography

6. "Necessity knows no law."
- Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad

9. "Necessity has no law."
- Quote by Oliver Cromwell

10. "Necessity has no law."
- Quote by William Langland

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