Crank Meaning in English

Crank Definitions and Meaning in English


  1. 1. (used of boats) inclined to heel over easily under sail


  1. 1. Travel along a zigzag path

1. The river zigzags through the countryside

  1. 2. Start by cranking

1. crank up the engine



  1. 2. A whimsically eccentric person
  1. 3. An amphetamine derivative (trade name Methedrine) used in the form of a crystalline hydrochloride; used as a stimulant to the nervous system and as an appetite suppressant

Crank Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "the only career worth pursuing is the one that turns your crank."
- Jack Welch, Winning: The Answers: Confronting 74 of the Toughest Questions

2. "A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds."
- Quote by Mark Twain

3. "Brian, relax, man. You’ve gotta relax when you make the crank calls."
- Brian Regan, Live

4. "Mr. Harrison was certainly different from other people…and that is the essential characteristic of a crank, as everybody knows."
- L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea

5. "book, In the Name of Science, Martin Gardner defines the characteristics of the common crank or pseudoscientist."
- John A. Keel, Our Haunted Planet

6. "When you are a crank, you put yourself on the top of the list of people you make miserable."
- Roland Merullo, Breakfast with Buddha

7. "Don’t say that, I snapped. We are innocent men! We are working within the system . . . and besides, I think I have some good crank outside in the car."
- Hunter S. Thompson, Songs of the Doomed: More Notes on the Death of the American Dream

8. "The Pilgrims believed beer was an unalloyed good, a 'good creature of God.' People who did not drink were suspect and 'crank-brained."
- Susan Cheever, Drinking in America: Our Secret History

9. "sometimes the human race likes to crank things up a little. They increase the production of bodies and their escaping souls."
- Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

10. "We roll down the windows and crank the radio - we like the idea of our music spilling out over the whole neighbourhood, becoming part of the air."
- David Levithan, Boy Meets Boy

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