Da Gamma Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. डी गामा (p. Di gama )

Da Gamma Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Portuguese navigator who led an expedition around the Cape of Good Hope in 1497; he sighted and named Natal on Christmas Day before crossing the Indian Ocean (1469-1524)

Da Gamma Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "In one case, at a meeting at Alpha Gamma Delta, active sorority members . . . began standing up to voice support for the [black] recruit and challenge alumnae decisions. The entire house wanted this girl to be in Alpha Gam, one of the sisters at Alpha Gamma Delta said."
- Paul Theroux, Deep South

2. "Crowds of lower-caste workers were queued up in front of the monorail station—seven or eight hundred Gamma, Delta and Epsilon men and women, with not more than a dozen faces and statures between them."
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

3. "For instance, a black hole as light as a small asteroid would emit about as much radiation as a million-megaton hydrogen bomb, with radiation concentrated in the gamma-ray part of the electromagnetic spectrum."
- Brian Greene, The Elegant Universe

4. "...the entire electromagnetic spectrum— from radar to TV, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-rays, microwaves, and gamma rays— is nothing but Maxwell waves, which in turn are vibrating Faraday force fields."
- Michio Kaku, Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers

5. "Many cyberweapons manufacturers sell hacking tools to governments worldwide. For example, FinFisher is an offensive IT Intrusion solution, according to the promotional material from the UK and German company that makes it, Gamma Group."
- Bruce Schneier, Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World

6. "She can’t see it, Joss. We’re at the far end of the electromagnetic spectrum here, surrounded by gamma rays. I know school isn’t your favorite thing, but honestly, don’t you pay attention at all?"
- Wendy Mass, Pi in the Sky

7. "Da-da chum da-da che, not to worry you've got the key!"
- Quote by Stephen King

8. "Era solo da sempre."
- Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway

9. "crim da la crim"
- Quote by Grant Hamilton

10. "Investors should be skeptical of history-based models. Constructed by a nerdy-sounding priesthood using esoteric terms such as beta, gamma, sigma and the like, these models tend to look impressive. Too often, though, investors forget to examine the assumptions behind the models. Beware of geeks bearing formulas."
- Quote by Warren Buffett

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