Dachau Meaning in Hindi

Dachau Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. A concentration camp for Jews created by the Nazis near Munich in southern Germany

Dachau Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "They were going to Dachau, to cencentrate."
- Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

2. "Joshua M. Greene, author Justice at Dachau"
- Flint Whitlock, The Beasts of Buchenwald: Karl & Ilse Koch

3. "in 1939 a British police chief was due to make an official visit to Dachau in order to observe modern policing techniques"
- Helen Graham, The War and Its Shadow: Spain's Civil War in Europe's Long Twentieth Century

4. "The things I believed in dont exist any more. It's foolish to pretend that they do. Western Civilization finally went up in smoke in the chimneys at Dachau but I was too infatuated to see it. I see it now."
- Cormac McCarthy, The Sunset Limited

5. "Today, most people are unaware that of the eleven million people exterminated, five million were not even Jewish. In Dachau, one of the largest and most infamous of all concentration camps, only a third of the population was Jewish."
- Andy Andrews, How Do You Kill 11 Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think

6. "Thomas Merton writes that if we have meditated on the events of the Passion but have not meditated on Dachau and Auschwitz, our perception of God at work in present times is incomplete."
- Richard J. Foster, Celebration of Discipline

7. "The women at Dachau knew they were about to be gassed when they pushed back the Nazi guard who wanted to die with them, saying he must live. And sang for a little while after the doors closed."
- Jack Gilbert, Collected Poems

8. "As an SS officer said to the guards at Dachau: Any of the comrades who can’t see blood should resign. The more of these bastards go down, the fewer of them we’ll have to feed.4"
- Timothy Snyder, Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin

9. "At Dachau. We had a wonderful pool for the garrison children. It was even heated. But that was before we were transferred. Dachau was ever so much nicer than Auschwitz. But then, it was in the Reich. See my trophies there. The one in the middle, the big one. That was presented to me by the Reich Youth Leader himself, Baldur von Schirach. Let me show you my scrapbook."
- William Styron, Sophie's Choice

10. "We're brought up to expect a happy ending. But there are no happy endings. There's only death waiting for us. We find love and happiness, and it's snatched away from us without rhyme or reason. We're on a deserted space ship careening mindlessly among the stars. The world is Dachau, and we're all Jews."
- Sidney Sheldon, Windmills of the Gods

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