Discrepancy Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. अंतर (p. anatar )
  2. 2. भिन्नता (p. bhinnata )
  3. 3. असहमति (p. asahamati )
  4. 4. असंगती (p. asanagati )

Discrepancy Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. A difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions

1. a growing divergence of opinion


Discrepancy Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "The discrepancy between logic and memory suggests that we don’t always know what we want."
- Quote by Barry Schwartz

2. "The discrepancy between faith and the facts is greater than is generally assumed."
- Quote by Thornton Wilder

3. "The discrepancy between the vacationists’ good times and Isolde’s unfortunate experience is more than disgusting"
- Paul Hindemith, A Composer's World: Horizons and Limitations

4. "It is an unthinkable discrepancy that fifty-four men should consume the food intended for fifty-three."
- Quote by Jack Vance

5. "There must be no discrepancy between what we say and what we do, between our walk and our talk."
- Billy Graham, Billy Graham in Quotes

6. "...he felt a discrepancy between the growing luxury in which the Divers lived & the need for display which apparently went along with it,"
- Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald

7. "An incongruity is a discrepancy, a dissonance, between what is and what ‘ought’ to be, or between what is and what everybody assumes it to be."
- Peter F. Drucker, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

8. "There’s a huge discrepancy between the Jon Stewart who goes on TV every night and the Jon Stewart who runs The Daily Show with joyless rage, said an anonymous former executive. It was something that Bob Wiltfong witnessed"
- Lisa Rogak, Angry Optimist: The Life and Times of Jon Stewart

9. "They walked on rather aimlessly. He hoped she wouldn't notice he was touched, because he wouldn't have known how to explain why. Here lay the great discrepancy between aesthetic truth and sleazy reality."
- Patrick White, The Vivisector

10. "It is the discrepancy between the promise implicit in his touch and his daily interactions with her that generates so much confusion and ambivalence for Martha.--from Lo Siento"
- Marcy Sheiner, Love and Other Illusions: Short Stories

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