Dribble Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. बच्चे की लार निकलना (p. bachche ki lar nikalana )
  2. 2. लार टपकाना (p. lar Tapakana )
  3. 3. टपकन/टपका टपकी (p. Tapakan/Tapaka Tapaki )
  4. 4. लार का गिरना (p. lar ka girana )
  5. 5. टपकना या टपकाना (p. Tapakana ya Tapakana )
  6. 6. खेल में गेंद को आगे की तरफ ले जाना (p. khel men genad ko Age ki taraph le jana )
  7. 7. लुढ़काते हुए ले जाना (p. luDhakate hue le jana )
  8. 8. टपकना (p. Tapakana )


  1. 1. बूंद (p. bunad )
  2. 2. रिसाव (p. risav )
  3. 3. लार (p. lar )

Dribble Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. The propulsion of a ball by repeated taps or kicks

Dribble Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "You are beautiful. Definitely worth a few milksop words of dribble. (Stryder)"
- Kinley MacGregor, A Dark Champion

2. "I feel helpless, hopeless, too low to call out, too weak to think. Impotent tears dribble down."
- Quote by Elizabeth Smart

3. "Life is just chemicals. A drop here, a drip there, everything's changed. A mere dribble of fermented juices and sudenlly you're going to live another few hours."
- Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!

4. "Though cast away am I from the heart of my city, black tears dribble from mine eyes at the sight of the fearful trail blazing towards her gates!"
- Gene Luen Yang, Avatar: The Last Airbender

5. "What Michelle didn’t yet know was that there is a vast difference between playing and leading. The point guard position in basketball is one of the great tutorials on leadership, and it ought to be taught in classrooms. Anyone can perfect a dribble with muscle memory;"
- Pat Summitt, Sum It Up: A Thousand and Ninety-Eight Victories

6. "Nursemaid, you mean? Someone who can sing me to sleep at bedtime, spoon porridge into my mouth, and wipe my—he hesitated just long enough to make both servants cringe with dread—chinif I dribble? I haven’t the voice for lullabies and I’m sure you’re perfectly capable of wiping your own…chin,"
- Teresa Medeiros, Yours Until Dawn

7. "the best way to get players to coordinate their actions was to have them play the game in 4/4 time. The basic rule was that the player with the ball had to do something with it before the third beat: either pass, shoot, or start to dribble. When everyone is keeping time, it makes it easier to harmonize with one another, beat by beat."
- Phil Jackson, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success

8. "The analysis was the most difficult of the three by all odds. When Holk, after two days of steady work, succeeded in eliminating meaningless statements, vague gibberish, useless qualifications - in short, all the goo and dribble - he found he had nothing left. Everything cancelled out. Lord Dorwin, gentlemen, in five days of discussion didn't say one damned thing, and said it so you never noticed."
- Isaac Asimov, Foundation

9. "I’m convinced that no normal human being ever woke up one morning and said, Dammit, my life doesn’t have enough petty bureaucratic rules, zero-tolerance policies, censorship, and fear in it. How do I fix that? Instead, they let this stuff pile up, one compromise at a time, building up huge sores suppurating with spore-loaded fluids that eventually burst free and beslime everything around them. It gets normal to them, one dribble at a time."
- Bruce Sterling, Twelve Tomorrows 2014

10. "In particular, I had learned that intensity is crucial for any progress in spiritual perception and understanding. To dribble a few verses or chapters of scripture on oneself through the week, in church or out, will not reorder one’s mind and spirit—just as one drop of water every five minutes will not get you a shower, no matter how long you keep it up. You need a lot of water at once and for a sufficiently long time. Similarly for the written Word."
- Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life In God

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