Each And Every Joint Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. जोड़-जोड़ (p. joड़-joड़ )

Each And Every Joint Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "The passive stiffness of a joint reflects properties of the muscle tissue, joint capsule, tendons, skin and geometry of the joint."
- Leon Chaitow, Muscle Energy Techniques & Website

2. "Fie, fie upon her! There's language in her eye, her cheek, her lip, Nay, her foot speaks; her wanton spirits look out at every joint and motive of her body."
- Quote by William Shakespeare

3. "There is joint action, but no joint thinking. There is only tradition which preserves thoughts and communicates them to others as a stimulus to their thinking."
- Ludwig von Mises, Human Action: A Treatise On Economics

4. "So when one spring in spite of all this good advice I fell in love, it felt like disaster. I took a tiny bite and it exploded in my stomach. Love splashed through every cranny, hauled on every muscle, unlocked every joint. I was so full of astonishment, I felt ten feet tall. My shoulders itched as if wings might break through."
- Emma Donoghue, Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins

5. "Lies have short shelf lives. Lies go bad. Lies rot and stink up the joint."
- Quote by Sherman Alexie

6. "The universe as we know it is a joint product of the observer and the observed."
- Quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

7. "...the sea and the sky were welded together without a joint..."
- Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

8. "He was smoking his joint now, and it was having no effect upon him."
- Matthew De Abaitua, The Red Men

9. "I had a joint once and I didn’t feel right for a whole year."
- Miranda July, No One Belongs Here More Than You

10. "the pursuit of holiness is a joint venture between God and the Christian."
- Jerry Bridges, The Pursuit of Holiness

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