Foreignism Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. विदेशीय (p. videzIya )
  2. 2. विलायतीपन (p. vilAyatIpana )

Foreignism Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "a foreigner."
- Graham Greene, The Third Man

2. "Children are all foreigners."
- Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

3. "interest rates, foreign exchange"
- John G. Salek, Accounts Receivable Management Best Practices

4. "Love is the bright foreigner, the foreign self."
- Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

5. "Spies? Foreigners? Egyptians? Romans? Persians?"
- Mary Pope Osborne, The Knight at Dawn

6. "all of life is a foreign country."
- Quote by Jack Kerouac

7. "She is written in a foreign tongue."
- Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

8. "a writer is a foreign country"
- Quote by Marguerite Duras

9. "Let nothing human be foreign to me"
- Kate Christensen, Trouble

10. "had become foreign to him.  Maybe his"
- Karen Rose Smith, Cassidy's Cowboy

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