Forest Ranger Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. वनपाल (p. vanapAla )

Forest Ranger Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Forest?"
- Edward Rutherfurd, The Forest

2. "Nice tackle, babe." Ranger"
- Janet Evanovich, Hot Six

3. "If you wanted to greet him or get his attention, you had to say: Oh, Mr. Forest-Ranger-who-stands-in-the-tower-watching-out-for-forest fires! If you abbreviated it, or, heaven help us, addressed him simply as David, you would get no response."
- Katherine Paterson, Stories of My Life

4. "One Ranger is all you'll ever need. - Ranger"
- Janet Evanovich, Twelve Sharp

5. "Saved by the grandma" Ranger"
- Janet Evanovich, Hot Six

6. "From around the blind curve of the trail, the main appeared. He was tall, built, and armed and dangerous, though not to her physical well-being. Nope, nothing about the tough, sinewy, gorgeous forest ranger was a threat to her body. But Matt Bowers was lethal to her peace of mind."
- Jill Shalvis, At Last

7. "I'm not a ranger, I'm a pilot."
- Mark Bowden, Black Hawk Down

8. "I woke up completely entangled with Ranger."
- Janet Evanovich, Twelve Sharp

9. "Ranger keeps small Third World countries secure."
- Janet Evanovich, Plum Boxed Set 2

10. "Ranger leaned closer and lowered his voice."
- Janet Evanovich, High Five

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