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  1. 1. Shrubby greyish lavender of southwestern Europe having usually reddish-purple flowers

French Lavender Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Yours is... il sent comme lavande." Is that French for 'You stink'?" It means 'lavender'." Huh." She sniffed at her wrist. "I thought I smelled more like a grape Popsicle."
- Lynn Viehl, If Angels Burn

2. "DATED used in reference to refinement or gentility: [as adj.] she had a certain lavender charm. 2 a pale blue color with a trace of mauve. ■ v. [trans.] perfume with lavender. Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French lavendre, based on medieval Latin lavandula. lav·en·der cot·ton (CHIEFLY BRIT. also cotton lavender) n. a small aromatic shrubby plant of the daisy family, with silvery or greenish lavenderlike foliage and yellow button flowers. Native to the Mediterranean area, it has insecticidal properties and is widely cultivated for garden plantings.  Genus Santolina, family Compositae: several species, in particular"
- Erin McKean, The New Oxford American Dictionary

5. "...and the afternoon flowed on into lavender evening."
- Anne Rivers Siddons, Downtown

6. "womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender"
- Quote by Alice Walker

7. "While there is tea, there is hope." (Sweet Lavender)"
- Quote by Arthur Wing Pinero

8. "Imagine a sunset, lavender and red / as battered morals . . ."
- Sarah Gorham, Bad Daughter

9. "esp. (in mining) one used for washing ore. a channel for conveying molten metal from a furnace or container to a ladle or mold. laun·der·er n. Middle English (as a noun denoting a person who washes linen): contraction of lavender, from Old French lavandier, based on Latin lavanda 'things to be washed', from lavare 'to wash'. laun·der·ette (also laun·drette) n. a laundromat. laun·dress n. a woman who is employed to launder clothes and linens. Laun·dro·mat (also laun·dro·mat) n. TRADEMARK an establishment with coin-operated washing machines"
- Erin McKean, The New Oxford American Dictionary

10. "lave v. [trans.] POETIC/LITERARY wash: she ran cold water in the basin, laving her face and hands. (of water) wash against or over (something): the sea below laved the shore with small, agitated waves. la·va·tion n. Old English lafian, from Latin lavare 'to wash'; reinforced in Middle English by Old French laver. lav·en·der n. 1 a small aromatic evergreen shrub of the mint family, with narrow leaves and bluish-purple flowers. Lavender has been widely used in perfumery and medicine since ancient times.  Genus Lavandula, family Labiatae. - the flowers and stalks of such a shrub dried and used to give a pleasant"
- Erin McKean, The New Oxford American Dictionary

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