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Gaba Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. An amino acid that is found in the central nervous system; acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter

Gaba Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "levels SUPPLEMENTS GABA, B6, magnesium MEDICATIONS Anticonvulsants, such as Topamax, Neurontin TYPE 6. Temporal Lobe Addicts SYMPTOMS Temper problems, mood instability, memory problems, learning disabilities BRAIN FINDINGS/NEURO-TRANSMITTER ISSUE Abnormal TL SUPPLEMENTS GABA, B6, magnesium for calming, or"
- Daniel G. Amen, Change Your Brain

2. "interest, sleeps a lot, low energy, self-medicates to improve mood BRAIN FINDINGS/NEURO-TRANSMITTER ISSUE High limbic activity, low PFC/check vitamin D and DHEA levels SUPPLEMENTS SAMe, vitamin D, or DHEA if needed MEDICATIONS Wellbutrin TYPE 5. Anxious Addicts SYMPTOMS Anxious, tense, nervous, predicts the worst, self-medicates to calm BRAIN FINDINGS/NEURO-TRANSMITTER ISSUE High basal ganglia/low GABA"
- Daniel G. Amen, Change Your Brain

3. "O homem que se gaba de só dizer a verdade é simplesmente um homem sem nenhum respeito por ela. A verdade não é uma coisa que rola por aí, como dinheiro trocado; é algo para ser acalentada, acumulada e desembolsada apenas quando absolutamente necessário. O menor átomo da verdade representa a amarga labuta e agonia de algum homem; para cada pilha dela, há o túmulo de um bravo dono da verdade sobre algumas cinzas solitárias e uma alma fritando no Inferno."
- Quote by H.L. Mencken

4. "The other major hormonal player in your cycle is progesterone. It helps to prepare the uterus for implantation with a healthy fertilized egg and supports pregnancy. If no implantation occurs, progesterone levels drop, and another cycle begins. Progesterone receptors are highly concentrated in the brain. Progesterone can support GABA, the brain’s relaxation neurotransmitter; acts to protect your nerve cells; and supports the myelin sheath that covers neurons. I like to think of progesterone as the feel-good hormone. It makes you feel calm and peaceful and encourages sleep. It’s like nature’s Valium, but better, because instead of making your brain fuzzy, it sharpens your thinking. It has also been shown to help with brain injuries by reducing inflammation and counteracting damage. It is so much more than a sex hormone. Progesterone increases during pregnancy, which is why many pregnant women often feel great. Some women with hormonal issues, in fact, feel so much better during"
- Daniel G. Amen, Unleash the Power of the Female Brain: Supercharging yours for better health

5. "I remember my first dose of Klonopin the way I imagine the elect recall their high school summer romances, bathed in the golden light of a perfect carelessness, untouched and untouchable by time's predations or the foulness of any present pain. As Cat Stevens wrote, The first cut is the deepest, though I've always preferred Norma Fraser's cover to the original (the legendary Studio One, Kingston, Jamaica, 1967). Stevens sings it like a pop song, but Fraser knows the line is true, that she'll never love like that again. Her voice soars over the reverb like a bird in final flight. The first cut is the deepest. I've since learned all about GABA receptors and molecular binding, benzos and the dangers of tolerance, but back then I knew only that I had received an invisible and highly effective surgery to the mind, administered by a pale yellow tablet scored down the middle and no larger than an aspirin. There is so much drivel about psychoactive meds, so much corruptions, bad faith over"
- Adam Haslett, Imagine Me Gone

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