Gaby Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. मूर्ख (p. murkh )

Gaby Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "But things change, people change, Gaby. Otherwise what would be the point of living?"
- Soheir Khashoggi, Nadia's Song

2. "You're a brave, brave girl, Tula" Gaby told her. "I know", said the little girl. "I got it from you."
- James Patterson, The Christmas Wedding

3. "I love you more than I love goats, and you know how I feel about goats", Gaby said."
- James Patterson, The Christmas Wedding

4. "But you have to let go of it sometime, Gaby. You can't change the past, any of it, and hanging on just eats your life away."
- Soheir Khashoggi, Nadia's Song

5. "These days Gaby was hearing that voice again, the one that told her to get out, to smash up all the emotional chairs and tables so there would be no going back, so she could tear down this version of herself and start again."
- Hari Kunzru, Transmission

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