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  1. 1. Existing in abundance

1. abounding confidence

2. whiskey galore


Galore( Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "I love you, hugs & kisses, smoochies galore, licks, nibbles & assorted gropages!! -Aisling said to Drake"
- Katie MacAlister, Holy Smokes

2. "The strings all soar, The reeds implore, The brasses roar with notes galore. It's music that we all adore It's what we go to concerts for."
- Quote by Lloyd Moss

3. "He is a true casualty of battle. There's not a physical scar, but look at the man's heart, and his head, and there are scars galore."
- David Finkel, The Good Soldiers

4. "I picture heaven as a vast library, with unlimited volumes to read. And paintings and statues to examine galore. I picture it as a great doorway to learning...rather than one great dull answer to all our questions"
- Anne Rice, The Mummy

5. "There are so many ways of saying Hi. Hiss it, trill it, bark it, sing it, bellow it, laugh it, cough it. A simple stroll in the hallway calls for paragraphs, sentences in your head, decisions galore."
- Frank McCourt, Teacher Man

6. "So there are cakes and pillows and colors galore, but underneath this more obvious patchwork quilt are places like a quiet room where you can go and hold someone's hand and not have to say anything."
- Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones

7. "Snow harder! Snow more! Snow blizzards galore! I can’t get enough Of the fluffy white stuff! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow a ton! Snow a heap! Snow ten feet deep! I wouldn’t cry If it snowed til July. Snow! Snow! Snow!"
- Paul F. Kortepeter, The Holly Pond Hill Christmas Treasury

8. "And look at all I've accumulated---a house! piles of clothing! two children! an ex-husband! books! boxes of letters! dishes! tiny shampoos from fancy hotels! vases! canned goods! jewelry! computers! acres of old journals! couches! bedsteads! toys galore! stuffed animals! and heaps of memories like wet rags, bunches of them, hanging off me, weighing me down."
- Martha Tod Dudman, Augusta

9. "If we address frankly what is evoked by cheese, I think it becomes clear why so little is said. So what does cheese evoke? Damp dark cellars, molds, mildews and mushrooms galore, dirty laundry and high school locker rooms, digestive processes and visceral fermentations, he-goats which do not remind of Chanel … In sum, cheese reminds of dubious, even unsavory places, both in nature and in our own organisms. And yet we love it."
- Michael Pollan, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation

10. "We have scholars galore, and kings and emperors, and statesmen and military leaders, and artists in profusion, and inventors, discoverers, explorers - but where are the great lovers? After a moment's reflection one is back to Abelard and Heloise, or Anthony and Cleopatra, or the story of the Taj Mahal. So much of it is fictive, expanded and glorified by the poverty-stricken lovers whose prayers are answered only by myth and legend."
- Quote by Henry Miller

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