Gang Condenser Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. गुंफित संधारित्र (p. gumphita samdharitra )

Gang Condenser Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "that great condenser of moral chaos, The City."
- Robert Hughes, The Shock of the New

2. "They say sound never dies, but travels on in space--what happens to a man's heartbeats?--so many of them in fifty-six years--could they be gathered again, in some sort of condenser, and put to use once more?"
- Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

3. "Städte lassen sich an ihrem Gang erkennen wie Menschen."
- Robert Musil, The Man Without Qualities

4. "Every man is a mob, a chain gang of idiots."
- Jonathan Nolan, Memento mori

5. "Just call me the Boswell of the Krull Gang."
- Richard Laymon, Endless Night

6. "the Barrow Gang always preferred flight to shootouts"
- Jeff Guinn, Go Down Together: The True

7. "- En gang må jo være den første, ikke sant? - Jeg trodde nesten jeg var for gammal til det. - Til hva? - Til at noe er første gang."
- Lars Saabye Christensen, Sluk

8. "The brain is evolutionarily hard-wired to do its best daydreaming only when it senses that it is safe to do so—when, in short, it is relaxed. In Kounios’s words, The relaxation phase is crucial.5 That’s why so many insights happen during warm showers. Or during Sunday afternoon walks on Glasgow Green, when the idea of a separate condenser seems to have excited the aSTG in the skull of James Watt. Eureka indeed."
- William Rosen, The Most Powerful Idea in the World: A Story of Steam

9. "Today let’s talk about the lunch break. It’s twelve-thirty. The whole gang breathes"
- Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

10. "I wish Rick would be gang-raped by a bunch of Muslim garbage collectors."
- Augusten Burroughs, Dry

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