Gang Fight Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. गिरोहों की आपसी लड़ाई (p. girohon ki Apasi laDaaI )

Gang Fight Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. A fight between rival gangs of adolescents

Gang Fight Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "You can take him, right?" he asks a couple minutes later. I go, "Are you kidding? You can't just fight Blade, you have to fight his gang, too." "You mean you couldn't take him and I was giving him lip?"
- Quote by Rodman Philbrick

2. "So the only time RICO was used to fight mortgage fraud was when the criminal was a black gang member and the victims were banks. (Ironically, nobody thought to wonder how it was possible for a Lincoln Park gang member to buy 222 houses with no money down. Heading into that particular rabbit hole would have led to the larger crime, but nobody did.)"
- Matt Taibbi, The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap

3. "Been having a fight with your blankets, Septimus?" A familiar voice echoed down the chimney. "Looks like you lost," the voice continued with a chuckle. "Not wise to take on a pair of blankets, lad. One, maybe, but two blankets always gang up on you. Vicious things, blankets."
- Angie Sage, Physik

4. "In Polmont, everyone was acting the hard man and giving it the large. I had to fight or cosh or do something to be accepted. I can tell you, it was better to be in a gang than being on your own, and I’d do anything in Polmont, no questions asked!"
- Stephen Richards, Lost in Care: The True Story of a Forgotten Child

5. "One group from the Tarus family stood face to face with a Conta group, looking prepared for either a gang fight or a dance-off . Mead, Richelle (2010-12-07). Last Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy Novel (Kindle Locations 6379-6380). Penguin Young Readers Group. Kindle Edition."
- Richelle Mead, Last Sacrifice

6. "It is these undeniable qualities of human love and compassion and self-sacrifice that give me hope for the future. We are, indeed, often cruel and evil. Nobody can deny this. We gang up on each one another, we torture each other, with words as well as deeds, we fight, we kill. But we are also capable of the most noble, generous, and heroic behavior."
- Jane Goodall, Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey

7. "Städte lassen sich an ihrem Gang erkennen wie Menschen."
- Robert Musil, The Man Without Qualities

8. "Every man is a mob, a chain gang of idiots."
- Jonathan Nolan, Memento mori

9. "Just call me the Boswell of the Krull Gang."
- Richard Laymon, Endless Night

10. "the Barrow Gang always preferred flight to shootouts"
- Jeff Guinn, Go Down Together: The True

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