Gang Rape Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. सामूहिक बलात्कार (p. samuhik balatkar )

Gang Rape Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "This is not the way things are done in Boy’s Own Adventure books. I recall no mentions of homosexual gang-rape and cannibalism"
- Robert Rankin, Retromancer

2. "I may be more sparing with mention of my gang rape in the future. Although I enjoy baiting this bear, I don’t enjoy his pain. Just his fire."
- Karen Marie Moning, Burned

3. "Just ask the woman who told me about the gang rape of her college roommate at a fraternity party in 1972 on the University of Virginia campus. Excellent counterexample! A non-disprovable story from forty years ago."
- Ann Coulter, ¡Adios

4. "Even if the press were dying to report on the Hmong gang-rape spree, the police won’t tell them about it. A year before the Hmong gang rape that reminded the Times of a rape in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, the police in St. Paul issued a warning about gang rapists using telephone chat lines to lure girls out of their homes. Although the warning was issued only in Hmong, St. Paul’s police department refused to confirm to the St. Paul Pioneer Press that the suspects were Hmong, finally coughing up only the information that they were Asian.20 And the gang rapes continue. The Star Tribune counted nearly one hundred Hmong males charged with rape or forced prostitution from 2000 to June 30, 2005. More than 80 percent of the victims were fifteen or younger. A quarter of their victims were not Hmong.21 The police say many more Hmong rapists have gone unpunished—they have no idea how many—because Hmong refuse to report rape. Reporters aren’t inclined to push the issue. The only rapes that interest"
- Ann Coulter, ¡Adios

5. "a shocking 40 percent of the population in this region is jobless, with 50 percent of those being under twenty-five. That’s a recipe for systems breakdown, right there: for anarchy, for chaos, for the senseless destruction of property, for so-called revolution, which means looting and gang rule and warlords and mass rape, and the terrorization of the weak and helpless."
- Margaret Atwood, The Heart Goes Last

6. "The Dead Hand, yeah, it was, like, seminal, but tame by today’s standards. Violet, for instance, did not get her intestines ripped out. There wasn’t any torture, nobody’s liver got fried in a pan, there wasn’t any gang rape. So what’s the fun of that?"
- Margaret Atwood, Stone Mattress: Nine Tales

7. "Even Lot might have been mistaken. But that’s what he promised ‘em – his virgin daughters, young and tender and scared – urged this street gang to rape them as much as they wished in any way that they liked...if only they would leave him in peace! Jubal snorted in disgust. And the Bible cites this sort of scum as being a righteous man."
- Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

8. "Once a ‘Romeo Pimp’ has gained a victim’s trust, he systematically breaks down her resistance, support systems, and self-esteem. Victims are coerced into submission through gang rape, confinement, beatings, torture, cutting, tattooing, burning, branding, being deprived of basic needs, and threats of murder.   —The State of Human Trafficking in California"
- Pamela Samuels Young, Anybody's Daughter

9. "In addition to rape"
- Brad Thor, Act of War

10. "Art is seduction, not rape."
- Quote by Susan Sontag

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