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  1. 1. Officers in the Army or Air Force or Marines above the rank of colonel

General Officer Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

2. "As a measure of the disorganisation that now ruled, a British intelligence officer in Bierden, a village which had been vacated by German troops 24 hours earlier, picked up the telephone to find himself speaking with a German staff officer. The caller wanted to know how close the British were. Replying in German, the intelligence officer assured him that the village was secure. The delighted officer promised an early visit, bringing with him his commanding general. The subsequent ambush bagged not only two senior officers but also a fine Mercedes."
- Barry Turner, Karl Doenitz and the Last Days of the Third Reich

3. "The Origins and Development of the Spirit of the Prussian Officer, he tells the story of a staff officer dutifully carrying out an order without question, only to be pulled up short by a high-ranking general with the words: The King made you a staff officer because you should know when not to obey. In contrast to other European officer corps, Prince Friedrich Karl comments, the Prussians do not allow themselves to be hemmed in with rules and regulations, but give rein to the imagination and exploit every opportunity opened up by unexpected success. Such behavior would not be possible if senior commanders were to demand full control over every unit.10"
- Stephen Bungay, The Art of Action: How Leaders Close the Gaps between Plans

4. "My brother, Major General Lawrence Heinlein, once told me that there are only two promotions in life that mean a damn: from buck private to corporal, and from colonel to general officer. I made corporal decades ago … but now at long last I know what he meant about the other. Thank you.17"
- William H. Patterson Jr., Robert A. Heinlein

5. "In a similar way, General Robert E. Lee once spoke to the president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, in the most glowing terms about a certain officer under his command. Another officer in attendance was astonished. General, he said, do you not know that the man of whom you speak so highly is one of your bitterest enemies who misses no opportunity to malign you? Yes, replied General Lee, but the president asked my opinion of him; he did not ask for his opinion of me."
- Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

6. "The Continental army got more generals than they got private soldiers, these days. An officer lives through more 'n two battles, they make him some kind of general on the spot. Now, gettin' any pay for it, that's a different kettle of fish."
- Diana Gabaldon, Written in My Own Heart's Blood

7. "Old Ironsides, the only American tank division to see desert combat in World War II, was the only one to get no desert training. Hamilton H. Howze, the 1st Armored operations officer and a future four-star general, later asserted, None of the division was worth a damn."
- Rick Atkinson, An Army at Dawn: The War in Africa

8. "One of these bright spits was the homecoming of General J. Bryan Grimes. To quote the August 19, 1880, issue of the Tarboro Southerner, the general was a brave officer, a hard fighter, a trusted leader of General Lee and emblazoned North Carolina’s history with glory and heroism. He participated in all the important battles fought in Virginia and surrendered at Appomattox. It was there, when the negotiations for the surrender had been inaugurated, a charge and rebel yell was heard at the front. General Lee turned to an aide and asked, ‘Who is that charging?’ ‘General Grimes’ Division of North Carolinians,’ was the reply. General Lee exclaimed: ‘God bless the North Carolinians—they are the first and last in every charge!"
- Charles Harry Whedbee, Outer Banks Tales to Remember

9. "was an officer holding out his sword,"
- Patrick O'Brian, The Ionian Mission

10. "Won’t Work. Apple’s former chief financial officer,"
- Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs

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