Governor Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. राज्यपाल (p. rajyapal )
  2. 2. गवर्नर (p. gavarnar )
  3. 3. जेलरअ (p. jelara )
  4. 4. मालिक (p. malik )
  5. 5. गवर्नर जनरल (p. gavarnar janaral )
  6. 6. श्रीमान (p. shriman )
  7. 7. नीयंट्रकअ (p. niyanaTraka )
  8. 8. गवर्न (p. gavarna )
  9. 9. लाट (p. lATa )

Governor Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. The head of a state government

Governor Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Please proceed, Governor."
- Quote by Barack Obama

3. "The most important job is not to be governor, or first lady in my case."
- Quote by George W. Bush

4. "With an icy stare, Obama set a trap: Please proceed, Governor."
- Mark Halperin, Double Down: Game Change 2012

5. "This is a writ of commutation, Anthony, signed by Governor Jenna Bush."
- Justin Cronin, The Passage

6. "It’s California, Cohen added. We elected the Terminator as governor. Anything is possible."
- Stephen B. Seager, Behind the Gates of Gomorrah

7. "I talked to my little brother, Jeb -- I haven't told this to many people. But he's the governor of -- I shouldn't call him my little brother -- my brother, Jeb, the great Governor of Texas."
- Quote by George W. Bush

8. "If the Governor speaks of ideals, they are selfless ideals; if he speaks of paths to be taken, they are untrod paths. The Governor is one who leaves no cliché unturned,"
- Ellen Datlow, Lovecraft Unbound

9. "To get what you want, stop doing what isn’t working. Earl Warren, Thirtieth Governor of the State of California,"
- Max Allan Collins, Supreme Justice

10. "Prayer puts God in the position He deserves - that of King, Governor, Benign Controller, Possessor, Lord, and Master."
- Leslie Ludy, Wrestling Prayer: A Passionate Communion with God

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governor general - गवर्नर जनरल
governor of a province - प्रांतपति

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