Grandma Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. नानी (p. nani )
  2. 2. दादी (p. dadi )

Grandma Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. The mother of your father or mother

Grandma Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

2. "Saved by the grandma" Ranger"
- Janet Evanovich, Hot Six

3. "Pleased to meet you, Grandma,’ I said."
- Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

4. "Screw you, Aech! And your dead grandma!"
- Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

5. "Grandma Redbird: Honey, you have to move past this. Zoey: How Grandma? Grandma Redbird: By living the life she'd be proud of you for living."
- Kristin Cast, Betrayed

6. "I shot that sucker right in the gumpy." Grandma Mazur"
- Janet Evanovich, One for the Money

7. "Lula and Grandma did a complicated high five."
- Janet Evanovich, Top Secret Twenty-one

8. "I want to kick Grandma in the penis,"
- Denise Mina, The Red Road

9. "I heard about them Rangers on TV, Grandma said. I heard they get dogs pregnant. -Grandma Mazur"
- Janet Evanovich, Three to Get Deadly

10. "Grandma, how old is she?" "Oh I don't know." Grandma said. "You'd have to cut off her head and count the rings in her neck."
- Richard Peck, A Year Down Yonder

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