Headman Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. मुखिया (p. mukhiya )

Headman Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. An executioner who beheads the condemned person

Headman Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Dragons don't ask for maidens, he said. Dragons are offered maidens. Alys shook her head to show she didn't understand. Is a king likely to be a maiden? Or a village headman? It's the men who make the laws that decree that maidens be offered."
- Quote by Vivian Vande Velde

2. "A headman who went with us plagued another chief to give me a goat; I refused to take what was not given willingly, but the slaves secured it; and I threatened our companion, Kama, with dismissal from our party if he became a tool in slave hands. The arum is common."
- David Livingstone, The Last Journals of David Livingstone

3. "[The recent heavy exertions, coupled with constant exposure and extreme anxiety and annoyance, no doubt brought on the severe attack which is noticed, as we see in the words of the next few days.] 10th April, 1873.—The headman of the village explained, and we sent two of our men, who had a night's rest with the turnagain fellow of yesterday. I am pale, bloodless, and; weak from bleeding profusely ever since the 31st of March last: an artery gives off a copious stream, and takes away my strength. Oh, how I long to be permitted by the Over Power to finish my work."
- David Livingstone, The Last Journals of David Livingstone

4. "Wagons rattling and banging, horses neighing and snorting, conscripts marching, each with bow and arrows at his hip, fathers and mothers, wives and children, running to see them off-- so much dust kicked up you can't see Xian-yang Bridge! And the families pulling at their clothes, stamping feet in anger, blocking the way and weeping-- ah, the sound of their wailing rises straight up to assault heaven. And a passerby asks, "What's going on?" The soldier says simply, "This happens all the time. From age fifteen some are sent to guard the north, and even at forty some work the army farms in the west. When they leave home, the village headman has to wrap their turbans for them; when they come back, white-haired, they're still guarding the frontier. The frontier posts run with blood enough to fill an ocean, and the war-loving Emperor's dreams of conquest have still not ended."
- Quote by Du Fu

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