Heat-seeking Missile Meaning in Hindi

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  1. 1. A missile with a guidance system that directs it toward targets emitting infrared radiation (as the emissions of a jet engine)

Heat-seeking Missile Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

- Jimmy Evans, The Right One: How to Successfully Date and Marry the Right Person

2. "What about frozen planes, which could be safe from heat-seeking missiles? What about subway turnstiles that were also radiation detectors? What about incredibly long ambulances that connected every building to a hospital? What about parachutes in fanny packs? What about guns with sensors in the handles that could detect if you were angry, and if you were, they wouldn't fire, even if you were a police officer? What about Kevlar overalls? What about skyscrapers made with moving parts, so they could rearrange themselves when they had to, and even open holes in their middles for planes to fly through?"
- Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

3. "the late 1940s and early 1950s the perception of a warming became more widespread both in the scientific community and in the popular mind. Articles speculating about a warming appeared in such magazines as The Saturday Evening Post, Time Magazine, and the New York Times Sunday Magazine.22 Research on infrared spectroscopy was advancing as a result of cold war research on heat-seeking missiles and other advanced weaponry. As more of the structure of Tyndall’s blanket was revealed, it became clear that the absorption spectrum of CO2 and water vapor do not entirely overlap, and that water vapor occurs mostly in the lower layers of the troposphere while CO2 is more evenly distributed even high into the stratosphere. Thus, radiant heat that is not absorbed by water vapor in the lower troposphere can still be absorbed by the CO2 above it."
- Dale Jamieson, Reason in a Dark Time: Why the Struggle Against Climate Change Failed -- and What It Means for Our Future

4. "I am SAM, and this is my latest mission. This one’s like a cross between a house of cards and a hand grenade with a missing pin. One wrong move, and—BOOM! The whole thing comes down. I’ve got to be in a dozen different places at just the right time, and in just the right order. Not only that, but this high-tech fortress disguised as a middle school is crawling with guards in the middle of the day. The trick is to act natural when anyone’s looking, and then move like the wind when they’re not. So I walk casually up the corridor, like I belong here. Deputy Marshal Stonecase passes me by and I give her a friendly (but not too friendly) nod. She has no idea I’m working undercover. That’s what the street clothes and prosthetics are for. As soon as I find myself alone, I swing into action. First I check my scanners, perfectly camouflaged inside an ordinary-looking backpack. Once they give me the all clear, I continue to the gymnasium. My first stop is the so-called equipment room. I know it’s a flimsy cover for Sergeant Stricker’s missile silo, but I can’t worry about that now. I work fast. I work carefully. I try not to think about the pair of fully armed heat-seeking missiles just under the floor. And the millisecond my package is delivered, I move on. This next maneuver is what you call a speed round. I cruise through the building like a ninja-tornado, dropping tiny subpackages of coded instructions in every empty corner I can locate. Once the inmates start finding them—and they will find them—they’ll know what to do. That’s it. Within twenty minutes, my mission is complete. The rest of this operation is out of my hands. So I go back to undercover mode and continue my day like none of this ever happened. In fact, none of it did. (You’ve got my back, right?) SAM out!"
- James Patterson, Just My Rotten Luck

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