I Beam Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. विकिरण (p. vikiraN )

I Beam Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

2. "I cannot cause light; the most I can do is try to put myself in the path of its beam."
- Quote by Annie Dillard

3. "I think I got off on the wrong planet. Beam me up Scotty, there’s no rational life here."
- Quote by Robert Anton Wilson

4. "Could I get mansions covering ten thousand miles, I'd house all the poor scholars and make them beam with smiles"
- Quote by Du Fu

5. "All Thing Serve the Beam"
- Quote by Stephen King

6. "All things serve the beam"
- Stephen King, The Waste Lands

7. "And just so you know, Lexi... I love you." "Really?" I beam delightedly before I can stop myself. "I mean... fab. Thanks very much!"
- Sophie Kinsella, Remember Me?

8. "I have inherited fragrance of classic books. Drilling the wall for light, hair tied to a beam in fear of drowsing, I wrest from nature excellence in letters."
- Lisa See, Peony in Love

9. "I crouched on the beam. The bunnycat shivered less than a foot away. "Here . . . " Bunny? Kitty? "Here, cute creature thing . . . Don't be scared."
- Ilona Andrews, Magic Breaks

10. "I could see jabs from his flashlight cutting into the woods on either side of me. He was back there, somewhere. The light beam was like a knife and I didn't want it on my back."
- Augusten Burroughs, A Wolf at the Table

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