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  1. 1. English literary critic who collaborated with C. K. Ogden and contributed to the development of Basic English (1893-1979)

I. A. Richards Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Would you look at that? Richards is a woman. I hadn’t realized. We better make her stay behind, Captain. She might get PMS and go postal."
- Suzanne Brockmann, Harvard's Education

2. "Keith Richards I remember. There was a horse backstage that week, and I was in my dressing area and I saw Keith Richards go up, hold the horse’s face in his hands, and go, You’re a fine horse, aren’t you? I’ll never forget that."
- Tom Shales, Live from New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live

3. "But I want you around even when I don't need you. —Jeremy Richards"
- Julius Lester, When Dad Killed Mom

4. "What would they do if I said I hurt so much I feel like I want to die? —Jeremy Richards"
- Julius Lester, When Dad Killed Mom

5. "To write a song that is remembered and taken to heart," Richards notes, "is a connection, a touching of bases. A thread that runs through all of us. A stab to the heart." Keith Richards from his autobiography"
- Keith Richards, Life

6. "He was tall and scrawny with a face that could be mistaken with Keith Richards on a bad day."
- Kelley Armstrong, Bitten

7. "that coolness is a social category, not a natural attribute (with the possible exception of Keith Richards)"
- Carl Wilson, Let's Talk About Love: Why Other People Have Such Bad Taste

8. "I begin. I write a draft without ever looking back. Without ever touching what's gone before. Because I think it will be shit, so I daren't look back. I write a draft. I start again. I have the text when I start the second draft and then I do the same thing a third time. - To Linda L. Richards, The January Interview"
- Quote by Clive Barker

9. "But the Grateful Dead, as the fanatic fans point out, are a way of life: someone else's. Twentieth-century teenagers, especially American ones, have been brilliant at creating their own culture, their own music, clothes, and point(s) of view. It's sad and fraudulent that the kind of wholesale worship of some historical way of life has settled over so many young people, infecting them like a noxious gas... I love the dead--grew up in the thrall of Shakespeare and Hank Williams and James Dean. And I adore the Rolling Stones. But there's a difference between cherishing "Satisfaction" and wearing Keith Richards' hair while doing Keith Richards' drugs. I don't want to be Keith Richards. I wanna be me. Not--like the neo-Deadheads--just another extra in an overblown costume drama about something that wasn't that interesting the first time around."
- Sarah Vowell, Radio On: A Listener's Diary

10. "Here have lived for more centuries than I can count, the obscure generations of my own obscure family. Not one of these Richards, Johns, Annes, Elizabeths have left a token of himself behind him, yet all, working together with their spades and their needles, their love-making and their child-bearing have left this." -Viginia Woolf"
- Quote by Virginia Woolf

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