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I.d. Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. A card or badge used to identify the bearer

1. you had to show your ID in order to get in


I.d. Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Where're your papers?" "My what?" "Your I.D. -- draft card, social security, driver's license." "Don't have none. Don't need none. I already know who I am."
- Edward Abbey, The Brave Cowboy: An Old Tale in a New Time

2. "And even if it never makes it to the big screen, millions of people have watched a very impressive version of the opening in the box office hit Independence Day. So when/if Childhood’s End is finally made into a movie, the popcorn set will undoubtedly think we’ve ripped off I.D."
- Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood's End

3. "Because of the way human beings relate to narrative, we tend to identify with those characters we find appealing. We try to see ourselves in them. The same I.D.-relation, however, also means that we try to see them in ourselves. When everybody we seek to identify with for six hours a day is pretty, it naturally becomes more important to us to be pretty, to be viewed as pretty. Because prettiness becomes a priority for us, the pretty people on TV become all the more attractive, a cycle which is obviously great for TV. But it’s less great for us civilians, who tend to own mirrors, and who also tend not to be anywhere near as pretty as the TV-images we want to identify with. Not only does this cause some angst personally, but the angst increases because, nationally, everybody else is absorbing six-hour doses and identifying with pretty people and valuing prettiness more, too. This very personal anxiety about our prettiness has become a national phenomenon with national consequences."
- David Foster Wallace, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments

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