Indelicate Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. रूखा/अभद्र (p. rukha/abhadr )
  2. 2. अशिष्ट (p. ashiShT )

Indelicate Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Lacking propriety and good taste in manners and conduct

1. indecorous behavior


Indelicate Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Things that are indelicate can sometimes be beautiful."
- E.M. Forster, A Room With A View

2. "There was altogether too much candor in married life; it was an indelicate modern idea, and frequently led to upsets in a household, if not divorce..."
- Muriel Spark, Memento Mori

3. "Have you ever noticed that there are people who do things which are most indelicate, and yet at the same time - beautiful?"
- Quote by E.M. Forster

4. "No, he is not tactful, yet have you ever noticed that there are people who do things which are most indelicate, and yet, at the same time, beautiful?"
- E.M. Forster, A Room with a View

5. "Truth is such a naked lady," Mr. Campion spoke softly. "Apparently in well-regulated country families no one is so indelicate as to stare at all of her at once."
- Margery Allingham, The Beckoning Lady

6. "Hers to be his to be hers ad infinitum, smoke smudging the bell of her throat. To what had been or might've been her thoughts migrated, cloth wall he pressed his hand against, he of the indelicate embrace."
- Nathaniel Mackey, Nod House

7. "The signs of excessive indulgence in this destructive pastime are easily detectable. They are these: A disposition to eat, to drink, to smoke, to meet together convivially, to laugh, to joke, and tell indelicate stories— and mainly, a yearning to paint pictures."
- Mark Twain, On Masturbation

8. "Mother, of course, takes a lot of exercise, walks and so on. And every morning she puts on a pair of black silk drawers and a sweater and makes indelicate gestures on the lawn. That's called Building the Body Beautiful. She's mad about it."
- Nancy Mitford, Christmas Pudding

9. "It had the word bitches in it, which is perfectly fine to use if you're a rapper or a director making a movie about career women, but not if you're a teen girl talking about her homies." "Good point, Petra. We know that young ladies of the teen persuasion do not use these indelicate words. Nor do they have thoughts about sex, masturbation, violence, being competitive, or farting."
- Libba Bray, Beauty Queens

10. "There could be no eldest son for her, and younger sons were indelicate things, necessary, but not to be much spoken of. Younger sons had none of the privileges of obscurity; it was their plain duty to remain hidden until some disaster perchance promoted them to their brother's places, and, since this was their function, it was desirable that they should keep themselves wholly suitable for succession."
- Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited

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