Invisible Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. अदृश्य (p. adaRashy )
  2. 2. अप्रकट (p. aprakaT )
  3. 3. ओझल (p. ojhal )
  4. 4. अलक्ष्य (p. alakShy )
  5. 5. अस्पष्ट (p. aspaShT )
  6. 6. अचाक्षुष (p. acAkSuSa )
  7. 7. अप्रत्यक्ष (p. apratyakSa )
  8. 8. असूझ (p. asUjha )
  9. 9. परोक्ष (p. parokSa )

Invisible Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Not prominent or readily noticeable

1. he pushed the string through an inconspicuous hole

2. the invisible man


Invisible Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Volvos are fundamentally invisible."
- John Sandford, Outrage

2. "If invisible people eat invisible food does invisible wind blow invisible trees?"
- Cecelia Ahern, If You Could See Me Now

3. "Fatality makes us invisible."
- Quote by Gabriel García Márquez

4. "Word — That invisible dagger."
- Quote by Emil Cioran

5. "So much is invisible."
- Morag Joss, Among the Missing

6. "the obvious is invisible. On"
- Margaret Atwood, MaddAddam

8. "the invisible storehouse in nothingness, called memory."
- Erich Maria Remarque, Arch of Triumph: A Novel of a Man Without a Country

9. "An invisible force. Like two magnets."
- Kresley Cole, Dreams of a Dark Warrior

10. "You cant see me im invisible"
- Quote by Jack Frost

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inconspicuous,  unseeable,  

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visible,  conspicuous,  

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invisible god - अलख निरंजन

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